Mind Helping a Girl Out?


Hi, I'm Olympia.

Jill brought me home to live with her a couple months ago. It's not the Royal Greek Spa or anything but it's a heck of a lot better than that shelf I was sitting on in HomeGoods.

She keeps telling me I won't be laying face-down on the floor behind the chair in her library forever. She keeps telling me she's going to find the perfect place to put me one day really soon.

And just between you and me....she finally confessed she thinks I need a little something. She can't quite per her finger on it, but she thinks I'm just one or two steps shy of spectacular.

And I have to agree with her. I mean, with a name like Olympia, I have to look spectacular. And besides, I've been around the block a time or two.
I quit lying to myself thousands of yeas ago.

I've got great bone structure...let's just face it. And speaking of face, I realize I don't have any eyes but let's not get picky (or a little freaked out).

So what do think I need? I would love your opinion. Any friend of Jill's is a friend of mine.

Would I look better black with a white or gray wash?

Cream with a gold wash?

Brown with a silver wash?

High gloss black?

Another color? (please don't say yellow)

Or do you think I'm beautiful just the way I am?

I have all the time in the world, but truth be told I'd love to get up off the floor.

The little boy that runs around here can get pretty wild.

Maybe after she makes me fabulous, she'll set me somewhere near the TV so I can catch up on those O.C. Housewives.

'Cause if there's anyone who can understand that sassy group, it's another plastic woman in need of a lift...

...off the floor or otherwise.


Nadine :

That's hilarious. I think she's okay just the way she is. If you want to change her color, it would depend on where you are going to put her. Would she stick out or blend in. A girl like that wants to be the focus of the room.

Heidi :

That was freaking hilarious! I'm not the best with design but good luck. I'm sure it will be FABULOUS when you finish with her!

justabeachkat :

I think she looks pretty good just the way she is, but you must want a change since you've asked the question. It's kinda hard without seeing the room she'll be in though.

Cute post.


Anonymous :

I'm no good with design, but I can't wait to see what you decide!

Lisa @ Take90West :

Olympia, you are one sassy lady!

Please tell Jill to get you up off the floor before that little boy has some fun! Let her know that I was just reading Rhoda's blog (SouthernHospitality-Rhoda.blogspot.com) today and in her most recent post she has a distant cousin of yours who has been painted white sitting on a console table and it looks very nice.
Not that you don't look nice, but maybe a little touching up would take a few years off, no? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

Susan :

I have no great ideas but I can't wait to see what you end up painting her and where she goes.

Anonymous :

I say she needs a car trip back to Home Goods for a refund. Sorry. :)

Ging :

I think Olympia needs to be soft black with a gentle bronze wash. She needs to stand out, because she is a fabulous Greek Goddess after all!

Paige's Petals :

I think Ms. Olympia is fabulous! and you are hilarious!

Ms. Mayhem :


Anonymous :

She needs to be put on a pedestal. Or a plant stand. Just not behind the chair.....

Ann in Alabama

Brown Eid Girl :

Her little sister is on my bathroom vanity (also adopted from Homegoods). She keeps a few of my necklaces handy. Just a quick way to give her something extra if you don't feel like painting.

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