Serious Turf


My husband has been out of town since Thursday. That means I am entertaining the toddler troops myself.

I spent nearly the whole day outside Sunday with Adam.

He was thrilled. Thrilled!

I was thrilled for about 20 minutes and then I ran out of coffee and my toes got cold. And by then it was only 9:30am and I had the whole day sprawled out in front of me.

About noon it had warmed up considerably, so I caved and got out a big bucket of water.

And after two or three trips from the bucket to the bench upon which he was pouring the water, my sweet little boy got a very concerned look on his face.

"Hey Mom, how long is dad going to be gone? 'Cause I got water all over his mulch and he might be weally, weally mad."

We take our turf and mulch and stuff really seriously around here, folks.

Even though I'm not really sure what mulch is.


Momma Roar :


I long for weather that allows us to stay outside for longer than 20 minutes!

Happy Monday!

Leah :

It was in the 30's here yesterday, so we were having some great weather as well. Ha!

I remember the days of giving my kids a Cool Whip container of water and a paint brush and letting them paint the house or the fence. Good times!

Just Mom :

LOL. It's all about creating good memories.

So ... was your hubby "weally, weally mad"?


Susan :

So how did the other hours go?

Tammy :

So cute...not sure I could have lasted more than an hour myself!

And a belated Happy Birthday to your mom!!! :)

Tonja :

Too cute! Bet Dad couldn't even tell it had been wet by the time he got home!

SouthernBelleJM :

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Tracey :

that is precious! I'm sure Daddy couldn't be mad at that precious face and those big blue eyes!

Nadine :

He is so cute. You are a brave woman all that outdoors stuff.

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