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I am in a constant state of home improvement / decorating / re-decorating / moving stuff around at my house.

Which leads me to any of you use...

1. Bed risers?
2. Indoor grills (like the George Foreman)?
3. Outdoor rugs, specifically on decks or patios?

Opinions, hints, and suggestions about these things (or anything else for that matter) very much appreciated.

Thanks so much!


Anonymous :

I have bed risers on a bed in a guest room. I've had someone sleep on that bed (once) and it didn't fall off the risers, but I don't know whether I'd trust them on a daily basis.

We have an outdoor rug on our screened porch right now. It's in bad shape, but it was a cheap rug. I have new rugs to put down after I get the porch all cleaned. We get a lot of rain blown in on the porch, but I'm hoping the new rugs will be able to take it better than el-cheapo.

We got the new rugs from Home Decorators ( and they look sturdy. I have another of their outdoor rugs in my kitchen and I think it's a well-made rug.

Constant Frivolity :

We love, love, love our Foreman grill. I've done everything from hamburgers to steaks to chicken tenderloins to salmon on it.

Cleaning it can be a hassle, but they sell one version with removeable plates, making cleaning easier. Also, I always put a wet paper towel on it after it cools, and that pulls all the grease and other junk off the plates. Later, I can clean it very easily.

Never used bed risers or outdoor rugs.

Pink in a sea of blue :

We use our George Foreman grill sporadically. It makes great grilled cheese sandwiches and French toast for the kids. I've also made turkey burgers on it. That's about it. It is hard to clean. And it's definitely kept hidden in my cabinet when not in use!

Jennifer@woodleycottage :

I have a Cuisinart Griddler that I love. It has both griddle and grill plates that change out. I make pancakes ALOT and use the griddle plates for that and we make panini's frequently that I use the griddle plates for. And, they pop off and go right into the dishwasher. I don't grill too much meat on it as we have the outside grill for that.

The other two things I can't comment on. Don't think I'll ever have bed risers but am currently searching for outdoor patio furniture which includes a rug.

Natalie :

I have bed risers. I have had them for several years & never had a problem. They were on a full size bed first & now a king.
I've also had them on both my boys twin size beds at one time to help create more storage space. Never had a problem.

Holly :

I can't offer an opinion on bed risers since I don't quite kow what they are. I'm guessing they make a bed a little higher?

I've secretly wanted a Foreman grill since my sweet hubs is procrastinating cleaning an outdoor grill my dad passed along to us. That Griddler sounds interesting too. Maybe I'm hungry?

I don't know about an outdoor rug, I guess it's made to withstand the elements, so it should be fine.

Good luck!

Gracie Beth :

I am not a fan of indoor grills, I feel that they suck all the moisture out of the food.

Readings, Recipes and Rambles :

My parents have the George Foreman grill and LOVE it!!!

Wendy :

I tried bed risers once. The first time my teenage son did a sliding flop onto the bed it fell off the risers...they might be a great idea if you have a house full of careful people...or you just want to take a great photo. I don't think it is a good mix with teenagers.
I LOVE my George Foreman grill! I use it so often I no longer put it just sets on the counter unless company is coming. It is so easy...and fast. And I love Constant Frivolity's idea of laying a wet paper towel on it to make clean up easier. I will be trying that this afternoon.

Jill :

I have the George Foreman grill but I don't use it often. I think I'm just lazy. My brother has one and uses it almost everyday.

Tahoe Girl :

I use bed risers because I made our bed skirt wayyyy tooo long! It was easier to jack up the bed than to remake the skirt :)
But now you almost have to pole vault up onto the bed! It slows the kids down when they try to get in it with me so I guess it has a good result as a deterrent as well!:)

Belle (from Life of a...) :

I have an itty bitty George Foreman that I use to make grilled cheese sandwiches...that's about it.

The Mrs. :

I loooove my outdoor rug! No risers or foreman grills here...would love a panini press though!

A Hint of Home :

I do use bed risers. It makes some bed skirts look sooo good. I do not have a Foreman grill. I hear they are nice.
I have not opted for an outdoor rug since our patio is decorative blocks that I did not want to cover up.
Good luck with the decorating.

Susan :

We have an indoor grill, but not a George Forman. I use it some.

I have a fairly large rug on our front porch.

linda in georgia :

I have bed risers on my daughters bed in my home and she has them on her bed in her apartment at college. We love the look. Here I have a full bed with a full/queen comforter and I bought a king bed skirt and tucked it in the center so the bed skirt just hits the floor.
I have great storage underneath.

Tammy :

OK, I'm embarrassed to admit that I am another one who isn't familiar with "bed risers"...

And as for rugs on decks, we tried that but our dog ate them. ;)

Susan :

No bed risers. No GF grill. BUT I do have a great outdoor rug. I got it at Target and I LOVE IT.

Tina Leigh :

Sorry I dont use any of those. I am in a constant state of "NO CHANGE". Most likely my house will look very much the same 20 years from now! I've had a GF but gave it away along time ago. I dont like gadgets, dont like cleaning them.

melissa :

NO bed risers - we have a high four poster bead ...but I did buy them for one of my college boys - not good. The bed just didn't stay on those things (of course my boys are big!).

I use to have a forman grill - the boys loved using it, but I finally threw it out. I like cooking in the 'real' way on a real griff or gas stove! ;)

No outside rugs


Monogramchick :

I LOVE our bedrisers! There is just something about being in a tall bed. Also, they make it so easy to store things underneath the bed.
We have never had any trouble with the bed coming off the risers (and we've slept on a "risen" bed for 5 years!

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

Before I got my current bed, I used bed risers for many years. I never had any problems. I loved having the storage space under my bed and I also love the look/feel of a bed that is not sitting low to the ground. I just used the basic ones from like Bed Bath Beyond- could not have been more than $20. Just get a long bed skirt to conceal the ugly black cup-looking risers.

My aunt and cousins all have rugs they use on outdoor decks. Some are sisle (spl?) and others are cotton braided rugs that can be hosed off and hug dry at the end of the season. Oh a few years ago my cousin used a regular dorm-size rug she got for cheap cheap and just pitched it at the end of the season.

Anonymous :

1. No bed risers here.

2. No indoor grill here.

3. Rugs on the deck ... yes. LOVE THEM. Every fall we give 'em a good spray down and let dry in the sun, then roll them up and store them until Spring. This will be our fourth season with them and they are holding up great. Think I got them at Target for only $50 each ... imagine that?

Justabeachkat :


The rug on our lanai has held up really well. I got it at Lowe's.

I love my George Foreman countertop grill. I actually have two sizes. They make wonderful and quick grilled sandwiches.


Anonymous :

Bed risers lose their appeal when you aren't feeling well. I speak from experience.

The novelty factor wore off awful quick with the George Foreman grill when I had to clean that thing. Outdoors grills - crank up the heat & let it self-clean. I ended up giving the George thing to a neighbor who eventually sold it in a garage sale.

Outdoor rugs! Love em!! Got one from Lowes & one from Frontgate. The one from Lowes gets more compliments! Whodah thunk!

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