Graco, Take Me Away


As I sludged through crowds of back-to-school and tax-free holiday shoppers today, I was thinking how much I missed having my own personal shopping cart and drink holder...

...aka a stroller.

Wonder if the 3yo would be willing to regress once a week or so. Perhaps I could rig one up with a DVD player and juice bar.


Preppy Pink Crocodile :

Haha! I'm actually surprised that there aren't strollers with dvd players already.

Unknown :

I have been known to take a stroller to Christmas Made in the South without a baby. I'm just sayin.

Jill :

KK- Now there's a new marketing concept. You and I could go into business together! ha!

SSMom - I'm so with you. Honestly, if I still had one I just might keep it in my car for FREQUENT use.

Tonja :

I bet that wouldn't go over too well with him. Now, I've thought of taking one of those walkers that has a seat on it and a basket. But, then I could get away with it, you're too young!

Mrs. Fabulous :

So when exactly do they refuse to ride in a stroller? ...because I have a 16 mo. old and I well intend of using his stroller as my shopping bag and Diet Coke holder well into his teen years!! :>)

Caffeine Court :

I do miss the cup holder on my stoller!! Perhaps you can wear one of those hats that have can holders and straws coming out of the top. You could get your Diet Coke fix AND keep your hands free for shopping.

Miss Jody :

Ha! Ha!
Don't have cute lil' ones yet...however, when I saw these being used..they look very handy! :)

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* :

I kind of remember that feeling too at one time but what I really miss is the little hand in mine.

Tina Leigh :

I have decided this week that if or when I get another grandbaby...I am quiting my job & moving in with the new baby for the first two years! Little Package will be 2 in October an I just cant get over how much she has changed. There are so many things I miss doing. Your post reminds me more of that. I just want to cry!


Yesterday my 4 year old son asked to get in ours when his 2 year old sister climbed out. I said, "sure", my arms HURT today. Its hard work pushing a 40 pounder!

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