Adam and I were at
our home away from homeTJMaxx last weekend. I was browsing the bath / body lotion / cologne aisle while Adam asked me no less than 137,912 times if we could go to da toy section, please mom can we go look at da toys now, no! not in a few minutes but diss minute, right now, I wanna go look at all dose neat toys.
And then he left the aisle I was in and went around the corner to the next aisle and then:

Mom! I found da bras! Dere are tons of dem. Big ones and liddle ones and all diff'rent colored ones. And I think dere da kind you wear ta work and not da kind you wear ta do your exercisin'. I don't wanna go look at da toys any more, Mom. I just wanna stay and look at all da bras. And can I touch dem, Mom? Pleeeeease?!!!

God bless all da liddle boys. And while you're at it... all da bras, too. Da work kind, and da exercisin' kind, and all dem bras in between.


Puttin' On The GRITS :

You could have a whole blog with the hilarious things this kid says! Too funny!

Preppy Pink Crocodile :

Oh that is priceless! He'll love this story is 20 years in front of his girlfriend.

Anonymous :

that is the funniest thing ever! Hope you have a great week! {Im sure it will be a funny one!} = )

Miss Jody :

Oh my gosh that is funny stuff right there!!
Ha! Ha!
I want an Adam.

Scarlet O'Kara :

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Tonja :

Just too cute! Take the boy shopping more! He would probably freak out if you took him to the Intamicy Store t Phipps!

Susan :

Oh they learn young don't they? I think it is so wonderful you are recording all these cute sayings of his. I can just see him re-reading them as a man :o)

Loving Life :

That is good stuff!!!! LOL

Pink in a sea of blue :

That's so funny. TJ Maxx is our home away from home, too. My youngest (when carrying him to the car last week) started pinching "my girls" and giggling. I was laughing, too, because it was so unexpected but tried not to make a big deal out of it. BOYS!!

Just Mom :

Your boy cracks me up.

I <3 TJMaxx as much as I <3 Target -- which is a lot.

Gracie Beth :

I would have fallen over laughing. I suppose you should be more concerned if he doesn't want to touch the bras!

Optimistic Pessimist :

so cute. and i'm with him. i kinda like to touch them too. you gotta be sure they feel right!

Carrie :

I am laughing so hard! What a hoot he is.

Katy :

That is the cutest story. I think I need to go bra shopping.

Tina Leigh :

OH MY I think I could just eat your little man up!!!! That is so funny!!!!!

melissa :

Priceless!! ... and will will die when you retell this story when he is older!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques :

Oh my gosh! That is funny. Some big boys think bras are fun toys, too! Ha!

You really need to write this one down for later.

Thanks so much for your wonderful encouraging words on my blog tonight!

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