Conversations from the Back Seat #4941


While driving home with my precious 3yo:

Mom, it smells like pickin-nose in here.

Pickin-nose??!!! What does pickin-nose smell like?

Sorta like Wal-Mart.


Looks great.
Drives great.
Apparently smells really bad.


Heidi :

What a sweet, sweet little boy!!! That just made me smile really big!

I will remember this when I go to Wal-Mart tomorrow! :>)

Kari :

I'm cracking up! You should seriously right a book with all the cute, funny stuff he comes up with!

Optimistic Pessimist :

gotta agree...wal-mart does kinda smell like pick-nose. so smart at such a young age.

Pink Martini :

From the mouth of babes! :)

Hillary Ham :

hahaha... that definetly was a good laugh for th first thing on a Saturday morning. Gotta love the Adam stories!!

Colleen :

LMAO :) that's too funny!!

Cookie Crums :

Hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh. :)

Linda :

Hope you are publishing this blog or keeping these things your sweetie pie says written down somewhere. Too funny. :)

Just Mom :


Nadine :

Your son is hiliarious.

MissJody :

I love posts like's real life.
love it!!
Your precious kid cracks. me.up!

The Mrs. :


Jules :

That is really funny! Kids says the most hysterical things :)

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