Fantastic (Or Maybe Not)


So the big topic of conversation around here is what the 3yo is going to be for Halloween.

Adam has a plethora of costume choices because I am a sucker for math like this:

little kids + costumes + playing dress-up = hours of entertainment, (or I'd even take 30 minutes)

Spiderman (with two different masks), Batman, Captain America (my personal favorite), one of the Transformers, Firefighter and Doctor are all possible Halloween night choices.

(And for the record I refuse to have a police officer costume in this house. Ever. Just sayin'.)

The other night, after Adam and I were done rehashing his costume-choice-of-the-moment, out of the blue he exclaimed:

Mom! You should be Mrs. Fantastic! She's so pretty and so cull! (that's COOL for those of you who don't speak Southern Toddler)

My chest puffed up a little, my eyes twinkled, I smiled from ear-to-ear....

What a sweet thing to say, son. Wonder where we could find a Mrs. Fantastic costume?

And then... quickly as the glowing light and singing birds of sweetness appeared, they were gone.

Sweet son scowled. Scowled, I tell you!
And then he said:

Actually, you should be da wicked witch. 'Cause she's always tellin' da children what to do. Just like you do ta me all da time.

Watch out my pretties.

Momma's got a broom and she's ready to boss some people around.


Unknown :

HA! That little stinker, he's hilarious!

Kim :

Is it bad that my kids bought me a little sign that says "I have flying monkeys and I'm not afraid to use them"?

clemsongirlandthecoach :

Jill, you're no witch. Smooch!

Henley on the Horn :

That is too funny! You are no witch!!

Mrs. Fabulous :

I LOVED the "speaking Southern Toddler" comment!

And I agree, you are no witch! ;)

single mommy :

SO FUNNY! awwwww.... i am sure mommy is anything BUT wicked!

Kelly :

haha! Kids are so funny! They always tell you exactly what they are thinking.

Becky K. :

Ahhh...the power these little ones hold in their little tongues. The power to lift us up....or let us down.

Very cute!!!!

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Unknown :

Ha - that is cute! I think you should be supermom! I always dress up like a witch every year - I just think it's funny! We'll see if my little guy ever picks up on the irony!

"Cookie" :

Amazing how a child can build you up and then tear you down! Wicked witch!! Funny little boy.... don't tell him what to do so much and you can move back up.

No cop costume?? Come on!! LOL :)

The Mrs. :

Witch it is!!! LOL!

Anonymous :

I'm no longer pretty nor cool in my house

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