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Red Diamond Wine
My husband and I did a lot of wine tasting the past couple of months, in search of red wines that were priced well ($11 and under) and GOOD. One of our very favorites is Red Diamond Merlot - about $9 per bottle.

Vanity Fair
I know. You love it. You read it already. And I used to read it cover-to-cover. I can distinctly remember passing up Saturday nights out in college to stay in my room and read VF. No club or date could hold a candle to Dominique Dunne. So all these years later I'm a subscriber again.

Just like CK One Summer that I wrote about a few months ago, CK One is another unisex scent more suited for the cooler months. Bergamont, musk and jasmine.... *swoon*

I practically live the winter months in layered Ts. My long arms and height have caused many a frustrating day constantly yanking down the first layer shirt because it's too short. This summer I happened upon the Pure Body line at Gap Body and snatched up several of their tanks and short-sleeve Ts. And now with fall and winter upon us the long sleeve is perfect.

Studio Tools Facial Cleansing Sponges (3 pack)
These are just like they use at the spa when you get a facial. Not too thin, not too thick....just right. I don't use them all the time, but I snatch up two or three packs at Target when I see them because I've been told they are rarely in stock.

Your turn!
What are some of your favorite things this fall?


Just Mom :

I'll have to look for the wine. I LOVE red wines, especially shiraz.

Ashley :

Oh man I love this season and I love everything about it!

I love the changing of leaves...and where I live it is such a distinct time that shows every true color of the leaves!

I also love apple crisp! :)

As for clothes...I love the long sleeve t's with a cute vest of light sweater! I love getting to wear cute boots over my jeans and rockin' the cute but casual look!

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed :

You are so right about Red Diamond Merlot! It is one of my favorite reasonably priced wines. I think it is better than many higher priced bottles too.

Enjoy your weekend!

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