Give Me Legal Pads, Index Cards and White Out...or Give Me Death


I love office supplies. Pens, paper and file folders....**swoon**

If it clips, binds, organizes or fastens - I'm there!!!

So tonight when the {YOU ARE- YOU ARE} game we play in the bathtub took a turn towards Office Supplies, I was thrilled!

Squeaky Clean Toddler: Mom, you're a coffee cup!

Slightly Soggy Mom: You're a pen holder!

SCT: You're a pencil!
SSM: You're a yellow highlighter!

SCT: You're a pack of Sharpies!

Yes! That's my boy!
The Office Supply Gene has been successfully passed to the next generation.


Hillary Ham :

i must have got that gene from the pool somewhere down to line too... Does Eva have this disease as well?? Wouldn't surprise me. Even though i'm not in school anymore i still stock up on the supplies in September and now have a surplus that i rarely even use. There's just something about a new pen!

Jillian, Inc :

Hilly - Yes I got it from Mom and I don't know about your dad / so it probably skipped him and went to you. She once gave me one of her old adding machines for my birthday and I was about beside myself I loved it so much. It was rust orange color and was huge. Probably a collector's item now - ha!

Anonymous :

yup I'm there too....I even found myself buying a pencil case for all my lose pens around here- my daughter has it too- even though she has 400 pens she still can't resist to buy just one more each time we go to office depot

Becky K. :

Laughing....You are too funny.

Becky K.
Hospitality lane

Tina Leigh :

LOL!!!! Tooo funny!!!

Amber Kay :

I have to say...there is NOTHING like a brand new Sharpie. I {heart} Sharpies!

Green Girl in Wisconsin :

Too cute--I love it when a kid gets me, too. A pack of Sharpies--that's good stuff!

Loving Life :

I love going to Staples, Office Max, etc! Heck I even settle for the Kroger or Target office supply section :)

Just Ask Beth :

don't you just love an Office Supply Store!!

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