Dressing the Boy


Mom dressing toddler:

Oooohhhhh... these Superman underwear will help you do really good in school today with listening ears and helping hands.

Next your cool soccer jersey that's red and blue......and what is this number right here?......

OK, show momma how you can zip and snap your jeans all by yourself.

And remember, the grey part of your socks go on the ________??? Bottom! That's right! You're such a big boy!

And when you brush your teeth make sure you get alllllll the way to the back! Good job!

Dad dressing toddler:

Dude, get dressed, brush your teeth and make sure you bring your shoes down with you. You've got 5 minutes.


Tonja :

It's just a darn good thing boys have Moms, isn't it? They'd never know ond blamed thing if they didn't! Great post!

Momma Roar :

LOL!!! So true, so true!!! :-D

Mrs. Fabulous :

Awesome! ...and SO true! ;)

Unknown :

That's how I dress a third child.

Nadine :

That's hilarious.

Just Mom :


It's the reverse here in this house. :-D

HeidiG :

Ahhhh....memories.... So true, so true!!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques :

That's great! That's why God created a Momma and a Pappa. They need both!

Swapna Raghu Sanand :

Very true!

"Cookie" :

Hahaha! Funny and all too true!!

Holly :

Spot on! Instructions around here sound very much the same--but I still like using my words, makes me feel better.

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