39 and Not Holding


Today is my 39th birthday. That of the "I will never have another birthday again, at least not one that adds any years to my age" proclomation. After all, 40 is a milestone few people relish. I, however, feel differently. I can't wait to turn 40. There is a saying that goes, "A woman isn't really a woman until she's 40" and I have to agree. She's probably MORE of a woman at 50, 60, 70.......

This is my first birthday as a mother. The coming year will be filled with so much joy; so many milestones. I will never wish to be 30 again, or 25 or even 20.

I want to keep on adding on the years, to celebrate them with my family, who is now one more member strong.

PS- My sweet husband took the day off today, as did I, and we went to the new aquarium here in Atlanta, then to lunch, then got massages. Ahhhhhh...

PSS- Happy birthday today, too, to my dear friend Kathy.

Until next time (this is the first day of my 40th year),


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