A Milestone and Murphy's Law


Our weekend was one of those wonderful, wacky, quirky but totally loveable ones. I thought to myself several times that Murphy's Law was in full swing.

Saturday was picture day for our Christmas card. The photographer was scheduled to arrive at 10am. Adam, who has slept through the night only twice in his life and it hasn't been any time within the last 2 months, woke up at 5:45 Saturday morning. I shuffled downstairs with him and automatically began chores in the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. At 6:00 Kendra and Bayley appeared and thus began our day. Adam was cranky, whiney and obviously still sleepy. So, I sat down with him in the living room with a bottle (him) and a cup of coffee (me) and he fell asleep about 7:15. And he slept, and he slept and he slept. Doug left to do a couple errands and still Adam slept. At 9:00 am I was still sitting in the living room with my precious son, all the while thinking that the big photo op was only 1 hour away and I had yet to shower.

We were still primping and buttoning the last button as the photographer arrived, but we were good to go. Adam was rested and would be very cooperative, as he usually is....or so I thought.
He cried in nearly every setting, no matter if I was holding him or Doug. Sitting alone or with K&B was totally out of the question, and no amount of funny faces and sounds would make him act like the little Adam we know. We did get a slight smile now and then, but for the most part....we didn't.

But Saturday was also a glorious day in many ways. Our backyard is a beautiful valley of colorful trees and the leaves fell all day long.... gold and red raindrops.....

We ate potato soup and grilled cheese....

Amidst the wacky and unexpected there is my life, and I love it. It is as glorious as the leaves.

The milestone occured Monday, on my birthday. Adam moved to his big boy car seat, facing forward. He was so amazed looking around as the world passed by in the car in a whole new way.

Until next time (counting my blessings),



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