From Our Home to Yours...Happy Thanksgiving!


Well, the leftovers are in the 'fridge, the dishwasher is on its second round....this time the "pots n' pans" setting, and we've settled in for some football-watching. One thing I wanted to do today was start a Thanksgiving tradition. With no extended family nearby, it's just us.... no special dish made by Grandma, no carving of the turkey by Grandfather. I decided it would nice if we would each write five things we are thankful for and keep the lists from year to year in a "Thanksgiving" scrapbook. Here are this year's:

Bayley is thankful for family, friends, our house, his bed, and food. He added nature and God after returning from a last-minute trip to the grocery store with his dad.

Kendra is thankful for friends, food, tubaware (Tupperware), utensils and her bed.

I am thankful for our beautiful backyard and the little buches of colorful leaves that still cling to some of the branches. I thankful for all of the things my mom taught me about cooking and baking. I use those skills and great recipes on this day. I am thankful that the kids asked for ham as well as turkey. They were very enthusiastic about the meal today. I am thankful that we have email and a phone so we can reach out to family far away. And I am thankful for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I watch it every single year.

Doug is thankful for God's love. He's thankful for our home and beautiful yard and for the colors of the season. He's thankful for sparkling grape juice (a hit with the kids) and he's very thankful that the grocery store is open on Thanksgiving because we always need something at the last minute.

I'd love to hear what you're thankful for this year.
Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!

Until next time,



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