Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night...1960's Style


Like all parents of babies, Doug and I have had our share of sleepless nights or nights when we've gotten very little sleep. And I'm the first to admit that I am a softie when it comes to letting Adam cry himself to sleep...I'm just not gonna do it. I'm away from him all day, so I don't want the little time that I do have with him in the evening taken up by pitiful crying upstairs. Added to the mix is the fact that Adam is currently teething, so he sleeps even less well. We're on (I think) our 4th round of teeth-cutting and at one point during the 2nd round, when Doug blogged about it, my mom sent him an email explaining that I wasn't a very good sleeper when I was a baby either. One time when Mom had taken me to an appointment with Dr. Sarter, the pediatrican-that-hung-the moon, she said something like, "I haven't gotten any sleep since that baby was born." Where upon he promptly wrote her a prescription for a few Valium. She slept through the night, and I guess whatever problem I was having was cured, because once the Valium Rx ran out, Baby Jilly was sleeping through the night, too.

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