Thursday Thirteen #4


It was raining today during the drive to work, so traffic was even more congested than normal. Knowing I had a list to post today, I had the ingenious idea to post thirteen things I saw people doing while driving:

1. Smoking

2. Talking on cell phone and/or text messaging (nearly everyone)

3. Flossing (blah!)

4. Jotting notes / writing

5. Praying the rosary (honestly, the guy behind me was... I felt very safe)

6. Dusting the dashboard

7. Shaving with electric shaver (I've seen this guy before. He should ride with the flosser).

8. Singing

9. Reading newspaper/ magazine/ book

10. Drinking coffee

11. Turning around to talk to their children in the back seat

12. Digging in purse/bag

13. Putting on all types of make-up

And me, what was I doing?
#2 at times
#8 but only in my head
#9- hey, how's a busy gal supposed to keep up with all those magazines to which she subscribes?
#10 - a sip now and then
#12 - often
#13 - applying my final coat of under-eye concealer. I'm a mother to a teething infant don't 'cha know.

Until next time (mastering the art of multi-tasking-driving),


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