Twelve Days of Christmas #11 - Christmas Tour of Homes


BooMama is hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes and I decided to join in. Check out her blog for a long list of Tour participants. It's lots of fun to see how others decorate and celebrate.

We'll welcome you to the Norwood Home with a picture of our tree and our little elf Adam. Doug had this tree when I met him nearly four years ago. We call it the kids' tree because it's prelit, and just their size to decorate. OK, there's usually some bickering involved in the decorating that sometimes involves separating them and letting one hang some ornaments, and then the other. Not every single thing about Christmas at our house is merry and bright. And I'm not afraid to admit it. We've always put up a big tree, but this year, considering the one-year old, we decided to tuck the little tree into the corner of the library and call it done.

Next is my beloved snowman collection. My sweet sister-in-law in Iowa has had a snowman collection for years and years...I think even before she met my brother 17 years ago. She used to take hers down in the "non-winter" months, but now she has so many she leaves them up year-round. I only display mine in winter, which is much shorter in Georgia than in Iowa. I'm up to 67 snowmen. I've purchased a few, but the majority were given to me as gifts. Each one has a special story and I treasure this collection so much.

Our family room.

My small Santa collection adorns the mantle.

I work at a very cool art gallery and high-end custom framing studio. We're talking a studio with some very talented artists. We make hundreds of hand-made frames, starting with the raw wood, every month. We paint, embellish, and gild...and everything in between. Every year since Doug and I have been together, I've designed a special frame for our Christmas card photo. This year's is on the left. Last year's is on the right. Last year's photo was very special, taken when Adam was a mere 5 days old and Kendra and Bayley came to our house to meet him for the very first time. My mom made the Santa hat for Adam. We used our Christmas card as the birth announcement. It said, "Look what we found under our tree!"

Frames and photos from 2003 (left) and 2004 (right).

This ornamental ironwork hangs in our kitchen year-round, but during Christmas it becomes the card and photo display. When Christmas is over, I hang the photos on a wall near the basement door so we can enjoy our family & friends as we leave in the morning and come home at night.

One of our kitchen windows. We have a bank of three overlooking our backyard. I leave these wreaths up year-round.

I took this photo of our foyer because Rudolph is very special to our family. It belonged to Doug's mom who passed away two years ago. The framed heron by P. Buckley Moss was given to me by my mom. It's also framed in a special hand-made frame from the studio.

That's it. The Norwoods wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and all the best for 2007. Please stop by any time.

Until next time (so thankful for our home),


Kelly :

You have a beautiful home! The frame idea is SUCH a good idea! (I only wish I worked in an art studio) I may have to try and copy that somehow!
I also like your iron card holder! I can never figure a CUTE way to display cards.

amanda :

i LOVE your snowpeople collection!!! how neat!!! my is quite small, but hopefully will grow.

I also love your cards in the ironwork thingee--how neat!

blessings, and
Merry Christmas!!

It's a Mom Thing :

Your home is beautiful and all of the decorations look great! I really love the frames that you've made for your CHristmas pics. What a fabulous keepsake! Oh, and I really like your stockings. Did you make them?

Mama Lily :

I also collect snowmen! They are just so adorable. I love your neat collection. What warm fuzzies. :) I really love your framed family pictures. What a neat idea. Merry Christmas and thanks for the tour!

ChupieandJ'smama :

Oh My, 67 snowmen! I love your collections. Your tree is pretty, but the little one in the picture steals the show! The picture frames are beautiful. Thanks so much for the tour and have a blessed Christmas!

Susie :

Your snowman collection is really cute...
You have a lovely home and it looks so festive and welcoming for the holidays..
Merry Christmas!

Adventures In Babywearing :

What a neat snowman collection, and your fireplace is beautiful!!!

Big Mama :

Oh, I don't know what I like best. I love the frames and the snowmen collection! They are so cute. Your home is beautiful!

Merry Christmas!

Kim :

Everything looks so festive and pretty! I love your frames and the gorgeous mantle!

The snowmen are great,too!


owlhaven :

Beautiful house and sweet baby! (Happy birthday to him!) Thanks for coming by my place!

Mary, mom to many

PS--- Right now sitting in front of our fire drying are 3 handmade frames that my hubby made from walnut. Poly, not paint, finishes his. But they have a nice oak inlay detail and I love them.

gail@more than a song :

Your decorations are just lovely! I love your ironwork for a card/photo holder, what a great idea.
Thanks for the tour!

Mrs. B :

How fun to work in an art gallery/framing studio! (My husband was a picture framer for 19 years.)
Your home is beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Chris @ Come to the Table :

I love your snowman collection!
The pictures are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Merry Christmas!

Laura :

What a beautiful home you have. I love your ironwork and how you use it to display your Christmas wonderfully creative! Thanks for letting me take a peek. Laura (orgjunkie)

Michelle :

what great decorations you have! and the snwomen collection is awsome! wow you have a lot! The Christmas frames are beautiful - happy birthday to your one-year old!

Susanne :

That ironwork piece is beautiful! Perfect for cards. Very creative!

Sarakastic :

I love the Christmas card holder & the wreath. Actually I love your whole house, especially the yellow wall color. It looks like a great house to live in both at Christmas time & year round. You've doen a fantastic job decorating.

Pass the Torch :

I love your snowman collection! Thanks for touring mine as well!

Kelli :

Your whole house is decorated beautifully! I love your berry wreath and your snowman cute! I really like how you are displaying your cards too. Thanks for having us over and Merry Christmas!

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