One Glorious Year


Our little guy is turning one today and my heart is filled with so much love I can hardly stand it. Though I can't put into words all of the wonderful memories, stories, sagas, tears, laughter and joy that has filled my life since his birth, I will offer this:

Dear Adam,

Your life is an immense gift. Your little fingers and toes and nose are a miracle. The first thing I noticed when you were born were your long, curly eyelashes. You were perfect in every way. You were born already an old soul. Who knew that we would first name you "Donkey Boy" for your silly cry when you were teeny-tiny and getting your diaper changed? And then that we would call you "Boo", but can't remember how that nickname really came to pass. Who knew that you would be so comforted with a blankie snuggled against your face. Who knew that your little chin would look just like Daddy's and that your eyes would be so blue? Who knew that your blonde hair would part to the right?

Who knew that you would crawl at 6 months and walk at 10, and that you would be able to "hike" the stairs with such skill? Who knew that your first word, Da-DEEEEEEE, would be used at exactly the moment Daddy walked through the door, but also when you saw a phone? Who knew that you would be such a pickey eater, but would be such a lover of bananas? Who knew that your first REALLY grown-up food would be cheese pizza?

God knew. He formed everything about you. He knew that we needed you and we are thankful that He sent you to us. So often I think how lucky I am. You are healthy and strong and so cute. So often I wonder what I ever did without you.

I can still cradle you in my arms, but I know not for long. Soon my lap will grow too small, and then you will grow taller than me, and all the while God will know it all.

Happy birthday, son. I couldn't possibly love you more.....except for tomorrow.

Love, Mommy


Adventures In Babywearing :

Oh goodness, what a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your little Adam!

Kim :

Oh,how sweet! I loved your letter! What a beautiful baby boy!

Merry Christmas and thanks for visiting me!


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