It's Never Too Soon to Instill a Strong Work Ethic


Shake and fold....

Into the laundry basket....

So much laundry, so little time....


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

That is so CUTE!

Susan :

How cute!!! Too precious.

Nadine :

Too cute for words.

Susan :

These are just adorable! Keep them for the day when he says "I don't know HOW to do laundry." Cause he will say it.

Now, you know I've been out of town and I LOVE the fact that you left your sweet thoughts on my blog. This is the first I've been around to comment in any way shape or form. I so appreciate your kind words. I actually thought about you yesterday as we drove through Atlanta.

I did a post about a "do over" early in the year when our pastor was doing this for his sermon topic.

I hope to be around more frequently now that I'm settled back home for a while.


:-) Susan

Vader's Mom :

He's doing it for free right now, just wait until he starts asking you for $$ to do that :)

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