A Dream Come True


This morning I had one of those life is stranger than fiction moments.

Last night I dreamt I got out of the shower, wrapped my hair in a purple towel, got dressed and went shopping. I my dream I was very busy; I must have had a lot of errands to run. At times I was even driving in a convertible, glorious purple towelhead blowing in the breeze.

So, fast forward to this morning. The sun comes up. The 16 month old alarm clock sounds. I get in the shower. I get out of the shower and wrap my head in a towel. Doug gets in the shower. I begin chasing the alarm clock up and down the hallway attempting to get him out of his pj's and into his clothes. I make it as far as a fresh diaper (thank the good Lord!) and the doorbell rings.

It is 7am.

And then I remembered it must be the man bringing our Dumpster (read about our Porch Project here).

And I also quickly deduced he was ringing the bell because the Dumpster was going to be dumped near the side of the garage where I park my car.

Down the stairs I went to answer the door. Towel on head. Baby in nothing but a diaper. Though it was on the tip of my tongue, I did not say "Come into our trailer and have a cup of coffee."

I had deduced correctly. Dumpster Guy needed me to move my car.

By this time Doug had finished his shower so I left the diaperd one with him.

I went down to the garage, planning to jump in the car, pull it in front of the house and run quickly inside. Instead, Dumpster Man began a little Dumpster Theology.

"I could put 'er there instead," he said, pointing to the yard just beyond the end of the driveway. This is not yard as in "grass". This is yard as in "dirt, pinestraw and a ground-up tree stump". I calmy explained that perhaps the Dumpster would sink and that the original placement would do just fine.

Finally, in a burst of shear awkwardness, I said, "You know, I dreamt last night that I went to the grocery store with my hair wrapped in a towel."

And Dumpster Guy just stared at me blankly. It was, after all, only 7am.

With that, I hopped in my car, gunned it out of the garage, up the drive, and came to rest in front of our house. A mere 15 feet lie between me and the privacy of my dear home.

Then, just as I stepped out of my car I saw them. Two mothers and their children. Walking to the bus stop at our corner.

I am sure they didn't see me galloping and tripping into the house. The purple towel on my head couldn't possibly have caught anyone's attention.


Susan :

You painted this picture real well. Purple towel and all!!!!

Vader's Mom :

You're so funny!

Sonya :

This is the funniest thing I've read all day. I can relate to this so well! Why is it that every time I have to run outside for something it's when I've just jumped out of the shower?!!! And why is it that my neighbors MUST leave their house as soon as I set foot outside?!!! They see me in my pj's and wet head ALOT!

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