Categorizing my Jeans


Following up on my post a couple days ago about how I've really not stuck to my New Year's nutrition and work-out plan, I thought it would be prudent to write about how I've categorized the jeans in my closet.

It's a secret, really. I don't tell many people. But I'll tell you.

Let me preface by saying that I never had different sizes of clothing until I navigated the 9 months of pregnancy and the months following. I didn't have "fat clothes" and "skinny clothes". I didn't weigh myself after a weekend of beer and nachos. I just always stayed the same size.

I gained 50 pounds when I was pregnant with Adam. (well, really it was 47 but let's just talk round figures here ... get it???). My doctor predicted I'd gain 40-50 pounds ("mostly fluid") right from the start. I didn't disappoint him. Suddenly my carefully controlled world of weight was out of control.

A month or so after Adam was born I bought a pair of jeans that was 2 sizes bigger than I normally wore. I am still wearing them today, though they are a bit baggy. The day I came home from the store with those bigger jeans I went into my closet and took out every single pair I owned and made three piles:

Pile 1
I Realize I'm Fat But I Just Had a Baby and These Will be Falling Off Me in 3 Months.

Pile 2
Whew! At Least I Can Fit Into These Now

Pile 3
When Donkeys Fly

The stacks still loom there. Every morning I see them.

But I remain sure, without a doubt, one of these days as I'm getting dressed, Adam will proclaim "Gong-kee! Gong-kee!", while pointing out the window.


Susan :

I'll bet there are more of us who have these catagories of sizes than those that don't!!! I know I do.

Vader's Mom :

Fun! I can't wait to hear that he is at the window making donkey sounds! :)

Nadine :

Great post. I've always had the "Omar the Tent Maker" clothes and the maybe some day I'll wear those again piles. Now after losing 55 lbs I'm getting into those "boy it's nice to be this little again." One day it will be "boy it's those crazy small clothes".

Sue :

LOL - you made me laugh with this post. I have gone through my closet and thrown out SO much since I had my girls. Although I've lost all my baby weight, I still can't fit into what I used to. You're never the same again.

Good luck - hopefully Donkeys will be flying in the not-too-far future.

Dianne :

I just happened upon your blog tonight and LOVE IT! I laughed out loud at your post about beverages...about being fish if that was what God had intended...How funny! You're a great writer and I'll be checking in often!

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