Please, Recommend a Book


I keep counting the days 'til my week of vacation in June.

The whole week is highlighted in yellow on my calendar.

We're not going anywhere but we plan to venture to the pool every day, and I hope to indulge myself with a stack of books.

Today seems like good day to do a little on-line book shopping.

If you could take one book to the pool with you this summer, what would it be?

Thanks for your recommendations!

**UPDATED TO ADD: Thank you all for your recommendations. You'll see to the left that I have a very ambitious reading list for the remainder of the year.


Momma Roar :

I've see you've read Year of Magical Thinking - that is on my TBR list. I would recommend Margaret Atwood's The Thirteenth Tale - it was excellent!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I really enjoyed Lynn Austin's Chronicles of the Kings series. You should also check out Callapidder Days blog. She has about 200 participants in her Spring Reading Thing. It is so fun to look through all the lists!

Stephanie :

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is truly an amazing read. I picked it up and couldn't put it down until I was finished, much to my husband's chagrin.

Vader's Mom :

Chocolate Beach by Julie Carobini.

It's a very fun vacation-y read. I look forward to reading more by her.

Susan :

Well...DO stop by and see my blog today about my latest read. It won't take as long as it's taken me. My boys keep taking the book and I have to find it to continue.


:-) Susan

Sue :

I am about to start reading Ayn Rand's Atlast Shrugged. It's long, but I thoroughly enjoyed her first book - The Fountainhead.

Happy reading!

Sue :

Sorry - I meant to tell you I got your frame today. It's beautiful! I put a picture on my blog so everyone could see what I won from the UBP!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Tammy :

One of my favorite books that I've read in the past six months was Gardenias for Breakfast by Robin Jones Gunn. It's one of her very best books ever...about a mother and 12 yr old daughter who take a car trip across the country to see the mother's beloved grandmother, who lives in the South...A perfect summer read! :)

Anonymous :

Okay Sis..... you asked for it:

Two of the best books I've read this year. Southern writer legend Larry Brown's FATHER & SON. He died a few years ago while in his late 50's. I just bought his last book, released last month, A MIRACLE OF CATFISH. Poor guy didn't even finish it, but I had to have it....Brown is that good. Larry McMurtry's Texas trilogy begins with THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, which is unbelievably ahead of its (publication year) time and draws you in from page one.
Want a crime trilogy you can't put down? There is NOBODY better writing in the genre right now than Charlie Huston. Check out, CAUGHT STEALING, 6 BAD THINGS, and A DANGEROUS MAN. You won't be disappointed.
And of course, if you are from Iowa (or Timbuktu) you have got to read Bill Bryson's memoir of growing up in Des Moines, THE THUNDERBOLT KID. I laughed out loud many times....he's so dead on. Come on Jill.... that is REQUIRED reading!!!!
I could rant all night, but what good would it do? You have your tastes and I have mine. Still, this stuff is for real. I got your brother to read Brown (he thought he was up on the Southern dudes!!) and Huston, the bro loved. Anyway, I've said my say tonight.....Goodnight

Thanks for the ISU mag!!............

Love, your brother Jon.

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