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If last week found me answering Random Questions, today finds me with random thoughts that don't really fit into one neat and tidy blog:

* The shootings at Virginia Tech is mind-boggling and so very, very tragic. But, one thing that really angers me is the immediate finger-pointing. Hindsight is always 20/20. We can all think logically if we are removed from such things. Why are so many so quick to place blame? I think it just makes this story, and so many like it, all the more tragic.

* Many times each day my thoughts turn toward Heather. My blog design is just one of many that this talented lady has created. She's also a walking testament to an unwaivering faith in God. She now has a topic category on her blog called "Brain Stuff" that she did not have this time last month. In fact, she just added that category last week. And then I keep thinking of other blogs, of other faithful ladies, who never expected to start out a post with things like "today is my last day of chemo". Oh, my heart aches for Heather and her family and all others who are suffering in any way. And I thank the Lord each day for the blessings in my life. Today I have to decide what to cook for dinner or what to wear to work. Others literally have life-and-death decisions to make.

* On a lighter note, Adam has a new talent. He has known where his nose is for a long time. He has also been very drawn to other people's noses for a long time. The little guy can squeeze hard, let me tell you. Last weekend he discovered that his finger fits into his nose and several times had one finger in each nostril. Nice. And, for the record, he would stick his finger in his nose when Doug or I would say "know", as in "I didn't know that" or, "I know I put that away."

* To those of you read my blog and comment, thank you. My list of blogging friends is growing and you all inspire me in many different way. To those who read but don't comment, thank you, too.

* And finally, in the all-things-hip-and-cool category, these are the shoes that Elton John loved .


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I agree with you so much! Every time something bad happens, everyone has to start pointing fingers. I feel so badly for the administration at VT. You know they are truly hurting right now, and now they will be told all the reasons it is all their fault. I really don't understand it at all! There is always a time to go back and see what could have been done differently, but placing blame is an entirely different matter.

Vader's Mom :

Cute shoes! I was going to ask about them, then I remembered that your camera was MIA. I'm so glad that you posted a link. :)

Nadine :

I agree about VT - what a tradegy and so many people trying to point fingers and just get on TV.

Heather's story is so inspiring the way that she is dealing with everything. I pray God's healing for her.

BTW - I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your refreshing thoughts.

Sue :

I too can't take the finger pointing. Yes, there is always room for improvement on the handling of any situation. But must we put that kind of pressure and blame on those that did the very best that they could under such horrific circumtances?

Very cute about your son and his nose.

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