The Porch Project - End of Week 1


Well, the first week of our remodel project is behind us. We were blessed with great weather and progress is evident. I got a chuckle the first day, when my husband emailed me with one of those "it's going to cost more money" scenarios. The porch is supported beneath by four iron posts and we knew one needed replacing. Turns out all four were bad. Chalk one up to the bank.

The picture above shows where the current porch stops and also shows the end of the house, where the new room will extend. The door leads into our kitchen. This door and the wall with the big picture window will be "busted out", as Bayley says.

The photo below shows the room overlooking our backyard. This was taken from our living room

Finally, a view from below. These steps will be torn out and a deck built, with french doors leading to the deck from the new room.


Vader's Mom :

That's going to look great! I hope the weather continues to cooperate with you :)

Bev :

It's encouraging to me, and others, to see anything in process. A good reminder you have to start at the beginning, it's not always going to go slick, but it's worth it - that might just sum up life. xoxo

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