Coffee, Tea, or...Diet Coke, or...


As I write this I am sipping my afternoon iced tea. Unsweet tea in which I add one and a half packets of Splenda. One packet is not enough; two is too many. It has to be just right.

It's important to the flow of this post that I make the distinction of afternoon iced tea. You see, I have a bit of a beverage addiction.

There. I said it.

I always have to have a beverage on or near my person. It starts with the morning cup of coffee. Usually with cream and Splenda, sometimes I splurge for a sugar-free vanilla soy latte from one of those over-priced coffee places. If I have a cup at home, I never finish it, and I frequently leave the cup on the vanity as I am getting ready for the day.

And, since I mentioned leaving the half-full cup on the vanity, I might as well address the other part of my beverage addiction.

I waste a lot of beverages by leaving them sitting around to get watered-down, too cold, or too warm. I've done this since my beverage addiction started at the age of ten. It used to drive my brother nuts. He would call me names and rant about it. At that time I probably could have been broken of the bad habit but it made him so mad I continued just because it irritated him. Little sisters are like that.

Before I married my husband I tried to warn him about all of my quirks and bad habits. Leaving half-drunk beverages sitting around was near the top of the list. To his credit, the only thing he ever says about the beverage graveyard around our house is, "That's so Jilly." God bless him.

After my morning cup of coffee, I have a mid-morning Diet Coke. Regular Coke or Diet Pepsi will not do. It has to be Diet Coke. Preferably fountain Diet Coke in a Styrofoam cup because the ice doesn't melt as quickly. If I have to have a can I cannot pour it over ice. It gets watered down too quickly. I have been known to finish a fountain Diet Coke. I never finish Diet Coke in a can because the last few sips taste too much like aluminum.

For lunch I prefer iced tea, again in a Styrofoam cup. I sip it for the rest of the afternoon, often finishing it in the car on the way home from work. I would never consider a Diet Coke at this time of day. It does not sound appealing in the least.

My husband and I often have a cocktail as we chat about our day, make dinner, and dodge flying pasta and corn tossed by the 15 month old toddler we call our son. I try appeasing the little tyke with an array of beverages, to no avail. I'll have to work on that.

And that ends my beverage parade for the day. Notice that it did not include phrases like, "I drink half my weight in water each day." Or, "I always keep a bottle of water with me because it is so good for your skin."

Blah. If I wanted to drink lots of water I would have been born a fish.


Stephanie :

That is too funny. My husband gives me a hard time about the beverage graveyard around our house, too. I love Diet Coke. I have dubbed it "Nectar of the Gods." I'm pretty loyal, though. Not a big coffee or tea drinker. I do have an ever-present Diet Coke. I thought it was a unique addiction! Glad to see I'm not alone. :)

Vader's Mom :

You are funny. I usually have a Coke Zero and a water right next to me. I try to drink 2 liters of water a day and then fill the rest of the day with Coke Zero. Yummy!

I'm really glad you aren't a fish :)

Susan :

I'm a coffee drinker and usually end up drinking it luke warm because I pour it and then it sits but I do finish it.

Melene :

You and I would get along well in the beverage department.

On the rare occasion that I drink a glass of milk, usually while eating something chocolate, I never drink the last couple of sips of milk because by then it is not cold enough and I can't stand lukewarm milk.

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