Don't Worry, Your Garbage is in a Much Better Place Now


Recently I've noticed a lot of businesses with names apparently meant to make the consumer feel as if they will be a little bit more blessed should they decide to use them.

Holy Land Realty

Fish and Loaf Lawn Care

Commandments Stump Removal

But the one I saw today just takes the cake. It's beyond ridiculous.

Divine Sanitation

I worry about a lot of things. But the life-everlasting of my trash is not one of them.


justabeachkat :

That's so funny!

Guess where we're going to dinner tomorrow night? Stinky's Fish House...I kid you not! Where do businesses come up with these crazy names?!

Susan :

Don't know what to think of those!

Sonya :

This is the funniest thing I've heard of in a long time! I know why businesses do it...for one, they want something that represents them. Obviously the people who own Divine Sanitation at least claim to be Christians. Secondly, they want a name that people will not forget. Who's gonna forget Stinky's Fish House?!!! LOL! No one will forget things like that because they are so ridiculous! LOL!

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