Looking Heavenward


When I was a little girl I thought Jesus sat in heaven in a big white chair with cushy arms. The chair was nothing ornate, since I knew Jesus also walked barefoot a lot. He had dark brown hair and a beard and wore a white robe with a rope for a belt. God, his Dad, floated in the air behind Jesus' chair. God had long hair too, but it was getting gray. His robe was light blue. God didn't have any legs (he didn't need them to float) but he had r-e-a-l-l-y long arms that could reach out and touch someone if they needed help or if they needed a spanking.

I thought God and Jesus were high up in the sky, but not too high up that they couldn't reach down and part the clouds or push along an airplane flying by. I knew rain wasn't really Jesus crying, and I knew they were far enough away from the sun that they wouldn't get sunburn.

When ever I was outside playing I knew both God and Jesus could see me. They kept an eye on me sometimes, but not all the time. They had other children to watch over, too. I wasn't much of a daredevil, so I never thought about God scooping me from the jaws of destruction at the very last second, though I did wish that He'd scoop me up and put me somewhere away from my pesky neighbor Mike. His nickname was Boob...and for good reason.

If I was inside or if it was dark and I couldn't see the sky very well, I thought God and Jesus couldn't see me....out of sight, out of mind. At some point I learned when it was dark on my side of the Earth it was light on the other. When I was sleeping or inside watching All in the Family at 8 o'clock at night, I figured Jesus was sitting in His chair overseeing the Chinese kids with God floating there behind him. They knew all languages since they invented them and understood every word anyone spoke.

Of course now I know that's not true. God sees all, knows all and hears all. Kind of like moms when their kids are too quiet in the other room. I feel just as close to God when the sky is dark as I do when the sun shines bright. I know He is much more than a man sitting in a chair or floating with no legs. And I know sometimes He doesn't rescue us from the pesky neighbor.

But I am so thankful I looked heavenward when I was young. I knew He was there...up there somewhere. It was a good start.

I think today...

bright sun, crisp blue skies and puffs of clouds floating about...

is a perfect time to point heavenward and say "Look, Adam. It's God!"


Momma Roar :

I think when the kids wake up from their naps, we'll be taking a blanket outside to lay down and look up!

Jamie :

Very cute picture!!

I love laying in the grass and looking in the sky. Marissa and I play "What does that cloud look like". So fun so hear their imaginations running wild! :)

Lori :

What a beautiful post!

And the picture of Adam - that is a real keeper. He is such a beautiful boy!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

What a great picture and a beautiful post. The skies certainly do declare His glory!

Mike :

That's a great photo. Perfect.


Vader's Mom :

Such a cute picture and a wonderful post. Being outside enjoying nature helps me feel closer to God too.

justabeachkat :

Wow! What an awesome post. This one should be published! The picture was perfect too!

Nadine :

Lovely post and I love the picture - so sweet and fitting.

Tracey Kirksey :

That is so precious! What a good post!

Jess :

That is so sweet! I just found your blog through 'Glasses Of Grace' and have really enjoyed some of your most recent posts.

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