We Invited Summer Over to Play


We don't have any porch pictures to share this week. There was progress, but only with electical wiring and such.

We all had a wonderful time outside today moving mulch, planting geraniums, herbs and tomatos. We mixed in a few water fights and some basketball.

Our neighborhood also had Maintenance Day. The pool is now offically power-washed and ready for its grand opening next weekend.

School's out on Friday.

Summer's on it's way.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Susan :

What a precious picture. I like the black & white.

Tracey Kirksey :

oops... *wouldn't* it be nice

Tracey Kirksey :

What a cute picture! Zack has exams Monday and Tuesday (half days) and then he's done. Kinda makes me sad, though, cause he'll be a Senior and it just has gone by too quickly.

I remember when he was a fair-haired blonde with the sweetest, kissable baby-fat cheeks. Would it be nice to be able to suspend time?!

Vader's Mom :

That's a VERY cute picture!

Dianne :

You are so right...the weather has been perfect for getting out and doing those things...I've even done a bit of the yardwork thing myself!

Stephanie :

We invited summer over today, too. Actually we went over to summer's house, by way of the opening weekend at the drive-in. The kids loved it. It seems like summer's not quite here until we go.

What a great pic. I loved the pic from the previous post, as well.

And on the bunk bed sheets comment - it's probably worth the acrobatics for the space savings (grumble, grumble), but it really is frustrating to make the darn thing...

and my Dad (gran-grand in his comments) thinks that you and your hubby should re-think the bunkbeds idea. He thinks it would be "uninteresting." I'm certain that you planned on getting bunkbeds for kids' rooms or even a guest room, but the picture of you and hubby, each on a separate bunk, gave me a giggle anyway. :)

Tammy :

What a wonderful photograph! Priceless!

justabeachkat :

Love the photo. I love this time of year. Everything looks so fresh...the grass is green...the flowers are blooming...the sun is shining...life is good.

Annie :


how wonderful that bayley was baptized. i have a bailey of my own... he is 13 barely. sweet as sugar and a heart for Christ as well.

praising God with you!

Tammy :

I just read your post on Bailey being baptized. I couldn't reply on that one, so just wanted to say here that it just touched my heart to read it.
What a glorious thing in his life... and he is blessed to have you as his step mother!

Amber Kay :

I just read about Bailey's baptizm, what a sweet little guy. You are right...who could ask for anything more?!?

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