This is the Day the Lord Has Made


Today was a very special day in our family. Bayley was baptized.

I didn't attend the actual baptism. It was held at the church Kendra and Bayley attend with their mother and things between she and I aren't great. Actually, I avoid her at all costs, including this one. It was a hard decision, but one that Doug and I agreed on.

We wanted Bayley's day to be special and focused on him.

I was there with him in spirit, though. Doug said the pastor said he knows lots of children who love the Lord, but few who love Him like Bayley. His heart is pure gold... tender and sweet.

He is a great big brother to Adam. He knows he's a role model and takes his responsibilites seriously.

He says things to Adam like, "You need to say please. When you are a man and have children of your own and marry a wife, are you just going to yell 'Mommy, Mommy' and expect her to bring you something?"

Bayley was four when I met his dad. He's now eight. These past few years have been glorious, watching him grow and change and mature.

Who could ask for anything more?


Jamie :

Congratulations Bayley!!

I am sorry that you could not attend this! :(

Stephanie :

What an awesome thing for Bayley and for your family. I certainly understand your decision not to be there, but sad for you and for him that you felt you couldn't be. I hope that situation gets better in the future.

Tracey Kirksey :

Jill, he is so precious. How gracious of you to allow this day to be all about Bayley. Isn't it sad that adults can behave worse than children sometimes?

I am mom and "step" mom in a "blended" family and I also have an ex-husband, so I know how difficult it can be.

If we would all be mature enough to put the needs of the children first, then life would be easier on everyone.

I commend you for being the bigger person. Bayley is fortunate to have you and I know you feel the same.

Congrats on his baptism. Such a special, precious decision for a sweet little boy that seems so sensitive to the Holy Spirit!

justabeachkat :

"His heart is pure gold... tender and sweet." What a sweet way to describe him. You can see it in his eyes too. What a cutie pie! I know you're proud of him and the example he will be for his little brother.

A.W. Mann :


What a sweet and touching post about a very special young man. What your readers don't know about the picture of that it is a cropped shot of him holding his baby brother with a bottle at 6:45am on a Saturday morning. We are blessed indeed. ;)

Nadine :

Congratulations to Bayley. I love your attitude for the best for him and how you sacrificed your wanting to be there with Bayley. You're an amazing woman. Your love for your family screams through so loud.

What a special little boy to look out for his little brother. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story.

Sue :

I'm sorry you couldn't be there with him, but you're wonderful for letting the day be all about him and not let any problems cloud it. He sounds like an amazing big brother.

Sonya :

Congrats to Bayley and to your family! Jill, how awesome that you are thoughtful enough to make sure Bayley's day was special. I know it had to be hard to miss. A close friend of mine is in a similar situation with her hubby's ex. It's tough and I applaud you for showing such character.

Susie :

It's my first time here and I just wanted to say congratulations on Bayley's baptism. I'm sorry that you were unable to be there in person, but I'm sure your heart was. :)

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