Turn Something Simple into Something Grand


Adam had his first taste of corn on the cob last weekend.
He grabbed the "corn holders" like he was riding a motorcycle and went to town.

To see that sweet face dig into those golden kernels
reminded me that we should take time to enjoy the simple things more often.

So this week, let's all savor something special
make something simple into something grand....
a long bath, a cool glass of iced tea, an ice cream cone.

Leave a comment and let me know
what little treasure you paused to enjoy this week.


Sandy :

What a great picture. It really captures him going for it! ha.
Well, my boys are turning 15 and 13 this week. I'm sentimental when my kids' birthdays roll around. Sometimes I make them watch their birth video with me. Time is precious w/my 3 ... and a gift.
Great post.
For Reluctant Entertainers

Doughnut :

I agree with Sandy...watching a child gnaw on that cob of corn is something to behold and makes a precious memory.

As for me a warm midnight walk was very relaxing. Time to listen and be alone with one's self with no distractions helps put life in perspective and be thankful for what one has been given.

justabeachkat :

I'm loving my yard right now. So much is in bloom. It makes me happy.

Loved the photo. He's very photogenic.

Nadine :

I love this picture and you didn't write much...but you said so much with very few words. I enoy the times of just relaxing next to my honey.

Stephanie :

My stepdaughter (going into middle school next year) just found out that she made it into Honors Math. She's really struggled with math this year, so it's a big accomplishment. All of the kiddos looked a little like that, but with a cup of Cold Stone in hand, instead. We relaxed, enjoyed the ice cream, and enjoyed the fact that she's growing up and she's a pretty smart cookie, to boot!

Annie :

So cute, great reminder.
I take time to look at Izzy, soak in her sweetness and appreciate that I still have her.

jodi :

We just found a nest of bird eggs under our porch. My kids, ages 4 and almost 2, get so excited about going out there to check on the baby birds and see if they are "here" yet... many, many, many times a day! :)

I hope they hatch soon!

Lori :

What an adorable little boy you have - such a treasure.

My special moment this past week was sitting out on the deck with our good friends, enjoying the beautiful weather and watching our kids play. You can't beat May weather!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe :

I stumbled onto your blog and I am so glad I did~ it was a bright spot for me this week!
I have a picture of my son 15 years ago tearing into a chunk of watermelon. They grow to quickly!

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