All Decked Out


I need your help again. Not with mascara this time, but with patio/deck furniture. My talented husband, with the help of a couple neighbors, will begin building our deck this weekend. We've already planned some outdoor entertaining for early June and I need to purchase furniture soon.

Wrought iron, aluminum, treated wicker or teak?

Home Depot?
Pottery Barn?

Removable cushions?

The great umbrella debate?

Suggestions and words of advice much appreciated.


Susan :

Jill we bought a white cast iron rought patio table and 4 armed chairs back in the 70's. It is more costly than the other choices but here we are 30 years later and it is still beautiful. It has required absolutely no care except hosing off periodically when it gets dirty. My two cents worth :o)

Trace :

Hi Jill!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog... you were my very SECOND visitor!! heeheeeeheee!!

As for patio furniture... low maintenance is the way to go... I was just reading Susan's comment... wow - she really got her money's worth from her set!

I bought a slingback patio set from Home Depot.. dirt cheap.. but quite solid... I didn't want the hassle of trying to remember to bring in the cushions (our deck isn't covered)...

You'll have to post a pic of whatever set you opt for..

Hugs, Hugs
P.S - You have a great blog here!! I'll definitely be back!

Vader's Mom :

We bought our swing from The Depot. We don't have a lot of room for a full set of furniture, but we have nothing but good things to say about our purchase.

Amber Kay :

Love, love, love Pottery Barn!

Sonya :

I like iron and also wicker. The iron may be easier to clean up though. I'm having the same problem deciding on ours!

Lynne :

We have the wicker-that-isn't-really-wicker and can be outside with no problem. Ours is really sturdy - it has a metal frame under the "wicker" stuff. Removable cushions that we can move if if rains. We got ours at a place called Cherokee Furniture Outlet between Canton and Cumming.

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