You Must Be a Mom If...

5.23.2007 leave yourself this
message on your home voicemail:

"Remember to find the sippy cup of soy milk Adam was playing with this morning. I think it's in the bottom door of the amoir in the bedroom but not sure. DO IT RIGHT THIS MINUTE BEFORE YOU ERASE THIS MESSAGE!!! Thanks. Bye-bye


Tracey Kirksey :

Jill, that is HILARIOUS!!! I love that you are leaving yourself messages to remind you of things!

Just wait, the vision and then hearing will be next to go!!!

justabeachkat :

Sooo funny! But I can understand why. Once you walk in the door sometimes things just get hectic and the next thing you know, your nose will let you know you forgot it.

I write myself notes ALL the time.

Sonya :

LOL! This is something I would have to do! I am so forgetful! Priceless!

Nadine :

Jill, that made me laugh out loud.

Sandra :

LOL that is too funny and SO true.

Jamie :

Thanks for the great laugh this morning!! TOO FUNNY

Carrie :

Hi there, I came here through Tracey's blog. Cute entry! So...did you find the sippy cup? LOL

God bless :)

Lori :

Oh my goodness, I do this all the time!

And my co-workers giggle when they hear me say "Okay? Thanks, bye" on the phone... like I need to finalize it and all and I'm calling my own answering machine!

Annie :

I write myself notes everywhere and then have to look for all my notes. Good thing my phone has a notepad with a stylus, I can write out notes and find them easily.

Momma Roar :

I have to do this too - and I think I even left myself messages before I became a mom - I just have an awful memory!

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