Kids Say the Darndest Things


Saturday the three kids were riding with me back to the house from Home Depot. I took a cut through on some residential streets and saw a man up ahead jogging in the middle of the road.

"Look at that silly man!" I exclaimed. "He's jogging right out in the middle of the road. That's very dangerous!"

Bayley said, "He could get hit by a car. Or even worse, someone could yell at him and call him stupid."


Many times I talk myself through a checklist as I'm getting ready to go somewhere. "Purse, keys are already in the car, diaper bag, ummmm... shoes! Adam, where are your shoes?"

I must say that a lot because now the things that go on Adam's feet are not SHOES!, they are UMMMM SHOES!.


Susan :

Love your new picture holding the baby!!

Carrie :

Hee hee heeeee funny!!
God bless :)

Momma Roar :

Very cute!! :D

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

So funny! I love that being called stupid is even worse than being hit by a car!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

Hi, Jill, thanks for stopping by to see me again. I loved reading your stories of meeting famous funny some of those encounters were.

Your son sounds like quite the character too.

Southern Hospitality

Vader's Mom :

Love it..."Or Worse Yet.." LOL!!

Dianne :

I love stories about funny!

justabeachkat :

Funny! I do the same thing when I'm leaving the house. Kids do say the darndest things!

Nadine :

Too funny.

Trace :

Kids have the BEST senses of Humor - without even realizing it!! LOL!! Which of course makes it all the more funnier!

Great post!
Hugs, Hugs

Anonymous :

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Melene :

And that is why my husband calls children little parrots-they will most often mimic what we say-no matter what it is we've said!
That is cute. Bayley is very clever, too!

Jamie :

That was cute...who cares about getting hit by a car....STUPID is just not nice!! HEHE Gotta loves kid's thoughts!

Tonja :

Funny! Loved reading your "famous people" stories,too. What some fun things you have experienced. Life is good!

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