What a Difference a Year Makes- Summer!


Last year at the beach...
10 (going on 28), 6 months, and 7
(And that is not my sofa! It's a rental house)

This year getting ready for a swim...
11 (going on 31), 18 months and 8
(You can see the bottles are still winning)


Amber Kay :

You can tell that your little 31 year old is totally into her baby brother! How cute is that!!!

Tracey Kirksey :

beautiful children! Hope ya'll are enjoying the summer!

An Iowa Mom :

Dang, they sure grow up fast! Are you going to keep the hats as a yearly "swim photo" tradition? I love it!

Have fun this summer!!

Susan :

Awwww...what a sweet picture! Reminds me of my youngest brother and me (we are 11 years apart)..I almost felt like a little "mother".
I'll bet she does too sometimes.

:-) Susan

justabeachkat :

Very cute! This should be a tradition to take a photo the same time each year to compare how they change.

Susan :

Adorable children!

Annie :

How cute are they?
It's amazing how fast our children grow.

Carrie :

Cute pics!
Hope your week is going well!
God bless :)

Jamie :

Very cute kids!!

Love the 11 going on 31. I have a 5 year old going 20. :)

Heidi Jo :

i see some of my favorite reads in your blog roll...so i thought i should stop in and let you know that i was here...

admit it- the couch is yours and you love it! :-) ha ha

gorgeous kids. beautiful blog.

i love the name of your blog, one of my most favorite songs is "i could not ask for more" by sara evans...

Sandra :

Wow they've grown so much, it's amazing how big they get isn't it???

Hope you're all enjoying the summer :)


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