I'm No June Cleaver


The witching hour, that whiny and unsettled time between 5 and 6 o'clock mothers of young children know so well, was in full force at Casa de Norwood this afternoon.

Honestly, I was a frazzled by about noon. And Adam, in his own 19-month old way, was too. He only napped for 45 minutes. I did not nap at all.

I thought an ice cream cone might be just the ticket. I added a handful of blue corn tortilla chips and toaster waffles, with a side of syrup, for good measure. When throwing nutrition to the wind, I go for the gusto.

Momma fixed herself a gin & tonic... tall, with salt on the rim and a splash of grapefruit juice. Thankyouverymuch.

We headed out to the deck, not because I wanted to bake in the 90+ degree heat. It just sounded more appealing than mopping sticky syrup and ice cream off the kitchen floor.

Adam proceeded to take a bite out of the bottom of the ice cream cone, which resulted in a slow drip down the front of his shirt and onto his shorts. Until the cone turned to mush, that is, and he squeezed it like a sponge.

A lick of ice cream here, a bite of waffle there, a spoonful of syrup for good measure....

It bought me 15 minutes of sipping and reading without anything attached to my hip or leg.

Never mind the sugar rush that came later.


justabeachkat :

As I was reading it, I thought "ice cream and syrup...uh oh danger ahead"! But 15 minutes of down time is sometimes needed.


kelli :

Sometimes that 15 minutes is worth WHATEVER it takes to get it! :)

Lori :

Oh, the bewitching hour - I remember it so well. This too shall pass...

In the meantime, ice cream and waffles cure everything!

Nadine :

Oh Jill I so remember those days. Take comfort in the fact that this will pass and thank God for the 15 minutes here and there.

I do love your solution...ice cures all...it still does.

Leah in Iowa :

Short nap and a sugar high ~ I'm glad you put him in his high chair or he likely would have gone right over the deck railing! We moms do what we gotta do! =)

~ Leah

Knit-Wit :

Sugar rush is right! Holy Smokes - last night DD2 was so hyper spastic! And I don't even remember what we gave her to eat.

amy :

Im new here but glad I stopped by..Bless your heart!!!

Im in Kennesaw, Ga

Jody :

I completely understand. There are days I will give the girls popsicles -damn the sticky mess!- just so I can have a few quiet minutes!

Linda :

That hour is really the hardest hour of the day. I am glad you got at least 15 mins. of down time.:) Thanks for the post on my blog I totally agree about the hair and makeup thing you made me smile. I really enjoy your blog.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I think you're smart! Sometimes you just need a few minutes, and I am sure he enjoyed it!

Sue :

Hey - whatever works to get you some much needed down time on a hectic day.

I love your deck sign too.

Jamie :

Way to go....sometimes we all just need a few minutes away from everything!!

Ice cream is the cure all for just about everything for every person!! :)

Talk..to..Grams :

Wow! Kelly is 28 and my youngest and I still remember those Days!!

Now I have great grandchildren and they do the same stuff!!and my granddaughter needs the 15 minutes break too!!

Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi!

Shawna :

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! I've had those WEEKS!

Annie :

You're my kind of momma!

Lynne :

You do what has to be done. Moms need some quiet time too.

Vader's Mom :

(Evil laughter)...Oh goodness...I can see that happening here if we ever have children...

Kari (GrannySkywalker) :

Well now. A gin and tonic, salt and grapefruit juice...yes, I can see how that would work. (Hastily scribbling note to self: must remember to buy the following ingredients for dinner tonight...toaster waffles, syrup, tortilla chips, ice cream and cones, gin, salt, tonic, grapefruit juice.) lol

workinthatpreppy :

yes...the witching hour...i still think it happens here even though my youngest is 8! that's why it is also called happy hour:) the bags should be finished by tomorrow and in the mail no later than sat. so sorry for the hold-up but catching up on many, many projects before monday. thank you for your patience. your boxes are addressed and ready.

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