Jill's Book Bag #3 - August 2007


**UPDATED: Due to some smarmy comments and other weird stuff, I will be closing comments first thing Sunday morning (August 12) and drawing a winner then. Thanks to all of you!

This month's book bag is a colorful quilted backpack. The flap on the front snaps and is also held in place by a decorative rope and bead. The inside is one large compartment, and there is a zipper pocket on the back. I thought this whimsical, carefree style was the perfect way to end the summer!
The books this month will be a collection of four cookbooks. I'll choose two on my own and let the winner give me ideas for the other two. Perhaps you love crockpot cooking, or grilling, or Italian. Maybe you'd love a regional cookbook, or one all about chocolate!

I've also simplified the rules. All you have to do is leave a comment (one comment per person). If you'd like to link back here, it's much appreciated, but not necessary.



Amber Kay :

I love the backpack!! And I'm all about cooking...count me in!

Rach :

Would love to be included in the drawing! Cute backpack and I love to cook, so a great combo.

Knit-Wit :

You are such a generous person to do this every month. Include my name in the drawing. I can't cook without a recipe and would love to try out some new cookbooks.

Steph :

Please count me in! I love to cook and bake(I just took some Snickerdoodle cookies out of the oven!. I can sit and read a cookbook like you would a novel!

Vader's Mom :

Please throw my name in. I'll do a post later tonight to announce it on my site. I need a reason to post and I just found one. Thank!! :)

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

How fun Jill! Please include me!

Cheryl Wray :

I love the bag. SO colorful and, yes, perfect for the end of the summer!! Put me in the drawing too!!
have a wonderful day!

melissa :

Such a great and generous give away! Count me in, please!!

username: mccaligiuri
password: lulubelle

Rmomof3 :

Please include me!


Beaufort Belle :

What a backpack and who would passup a cookbook??? Please count me in.

Jennifer @

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane :

Oh my goodness, that backpack is soooo cute! I love cookbooks (I've even blogged about my addiction before at my blog), so I'd really love to toss my name in the hat for this one. Great idea, and as Karolee said, you are such an incredibly generous person to do this, Jill :)

Have a great day!

Annie :

I think that this time I am going to win!!!

What a fun giveaway Jill!

heidi @ ggip :

I always have the hardest time finding where to comment on your blog! I don't know what is wrong with me!
Anyhow, I'd love to enter. I have a smaller book giveaway ending tomorrow if you'd like to check it out.

Always pleasant to visit you!

stephanie@{Olive Tree} :

Yes please! How fun. :)

Momma Roar :

Count me in please! :D

Tricia :

I love the bag. Please enter me. I love cookbooks and have started my own collection.

Anonymous :

I want in to. I am very new and love this. Erin @ tlg@windstream.net

Anonymous :

I want you to know that I know that I should have written "too" instead of "to" but multi tasking I can not do. I still want in. Thanks again and love love love your blog. Erin @ tlg@windstream.net

Kim :

What a great idea! I never win, but I love to play!

MedStudentWife :

Nice idea :) Cook books are my fav !

justabeachkat :

Include me too. I feel lucky :-)

What a great giveaway.


Tricia :

I love the backpack! I also LOVE to cook... most of the time!


Melene :

I am always excited to read new recipes and get new ideas. Thank you for being so kind and generous!

Unrelated to this post, I decided to try the mascara you recommended and I love it too! It even has a nice scent to it-did you notice that? Great wand, as well. I don't feel like I'm going to drop it while applying it! Thanks for the tip!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe :

That is the cutest back pack. Throw my name in the pot...

Kerri :

Throw my name in. The backpack is adorable and I need all the help I can get in the cooking department. I will get a post up soon on my site. Thanks!!!

Given Grace :

I just love the backpack!! And I can always use help in the cooking department! Thanks so much.

jeanetta :

i love those colors and you have the most enchanting bio. lol. was that too corny.

Karla ~ Ainsley's Mom :

What a very cute bag! And cookbooks??? What a great gift!!! Please count me in! :-)

JulieM :

I'm new to your blog ... can't wait to read more! I'm an Iowa girl too. I love to cook and the backpack is too cute ... count me in!

Carey :

I love the bag! Its adorable! Count me in your drawing please! We have been cooking so much more lately, as my daughters are learning how, and always wanting to do it. What a great giveaway.

April :

here by way of Baseball's and Bows - wow - I'd love to win this!

Micki :

Thanks for the chance to win a really great prize. Count me in also.

Heather :

That bag is beautiful! And I'm a cookbook-aholic so this is a wonderful giveaway!

Anonymous :

Oh, I love it all. Please include me.

Mary D in Texas

Belle :

How fun!I love the backpack. Also love reading cookbooks. Please count me in. I need all the help I can get!

Sandy :

What a generous giveaway! Found you through Justabeachkat and love your blog!
Please count me in.


Lisa R. :

Wow, I love the bag and would love to try out some new recipes!

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Lisa R.

Kari :

I just found you through another blog (Southern Hospitality). Wow! You are so kind to do such a fun giveaway every month! You're blog looks like alot of fun, can't wait to read more. I'd love to enter your drawing...the bag is so pretty! Thanks!


joan :

How cute!! Count me in on this! Thanks. Joan

Nina Diane :

count me in on this one please!

Susan :

Oh sign me up please, Jill. It looks wonderful. I love the bad!!
How kind and thoughtful of you :o)

ikkinlala :

I don't know if this is open to Canadians, but please count me in if it is.

Judi :

PLEASE put my name in! I must win this time! PLEASE??? :) I love to cook!

Qtpies7 :

What a fun giveaway! Count me in, too, please!
I'll promote you on my Contest Frenzy column next week on momsblogging.com.
Check out this weeks column for lots of contests you can enter!

Tashasc30 :

I love to cook and collect recipes please count me in!

Kim :

Like I have said before: a bag and a book, is there any better combo?? :) Please add my name to the drawing.I am heading back to my blog to post about your giveaway. You are too generous!

Lori :

Hi Jill,
This could help me with my motivation to cook in my re-designed kitchen... heaven knows I could use all the help I can get!

Amy D :

Oh! I love cookbooks. :-) Count me in!

Allison :

Count me in the drawing i would love the bag and books. I am crossing my fingers that i will win

Jennifer in GA :

I'd love to be entered into the drawing! Thanks!

Beverly :

Thanks so much for the opportunity. I really appreciate it.

Dianne :

Count me in too, Jill, but I also wanted to say that I read your 'update' and am sorry you've gotten whatever the comments and weird things are....that's a bummer, isn't it?

Thanks for doing this and good luck to me, huh? :-)

Tracey Kirksey :

Yea! I love a give-a-way and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag and am so into cookbooks!!!

I'm in...linking now!

Have a great weekend!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

OK, sign me up for the drawing!

Hope you're having a good week, Jill.


Tracy :

Beautiful backpack! Count me in, please!

Nadine :

Cute bag. You are very generous. I'm sorry about the comments. I'm glad to be included.

Shawna :

I'm in!! I'm giving away a book at Scamp's Place. Come see if you'd be interested.

Lissete :

I'm really loving that bag! Plus cookbooks... what more can a girl ask for! Pleae count me in for this very generous giveaway.

Amy :

Count me in. I am an avid reader of your site but have not commented before! You are so creative. WOW!

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