I've Officially Become My Mother


Last Saturday I bought two rolls of Scotch tape and promptly came home and hid them. I hid them because I can never find tape when I need it. It's always under a bed or in the clothes hamper.

My mom hid tape when I was a kid, along with cans of those crunchy onions you put on top of green bean casserole.

So...do tell...

Do you have a secret stash? chocolate? your favorite pen? a can of cashews?

You don't have to tell where you hide, only what you hide.

'Cause there is no way I'm telling you where my tape is.


Susan :

Yeah, I hide things in a really good place...and then I forget where my really good place is!!!!

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JennaG :

Funny--I hide the tape because if I don't, it is gone in a day or two. What is it about tape and bandaids that children love to use so much? I used to keep a secret stash of M&M's, but had to stop when I got older, and my weight started creeping up!

Karolee :

Nope - no hidden stash - although that is a good idea. :)

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Momma Roar :

I hide my swiss rolls and pepsi, lol!!

I do hide rubber bands, tape and the stapler - otherwise our house would be covered in some type of spider web creation!!

Susan :

You are so funny!!!!

I bought two $25 gift certificates for Christmas gifts and hid them so no one would stumble onto them before I was ready to give them.

This was last December......guess what.....it is August 31st, 8 months later, and I've never found them!!!!! Had to buy 2 more so somewhere in this residence are 2-$25 gift certificates!!!

Janis :

If I hide something, then I promptly forget where I hid it. That is just like my mom. She is always finding a Christmas present for someone in July that she couldn't find the year before! Now, where is your tape? I am out!LOL

Tammy :

First off, as to your story on your first years of marriage, I so appreciated your honesty in order to reach out to others!
I don't know if you had a chance to stop by on parents'50th anniversary post (or it would have been their 50th, had my father lived) but I know you would relate on a few levels.

As for hiding things...I've been known to go grocery shopping by myself and making sure I ate that candy bar I bought for myself before I came into the house!

Vader's Mom :

Well according to Jeff I "hide" everything. Right out there in the open. That's one of the good things about him never being home. He can't take my stuff!! So I can just leave it where it should be.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

I don't hide a lot of things, but sometimes I'll hide the "good" potato chips from my hubby. You know...those kettle chips, yum, they're good. If I don't, they will all be gone in one sitting!


Judi :

How funny! I hide it too!

Sandy :

That is too funny!
I hide so many things and then I forget where I've hidden them. I probably have stashes of lots of weird things throughout my house.
I hide candy & gum for sure from my kiddos.
Have a great weekend!

Jane :

Oh, I am SO guilty of this. Unfortunately, like Susan, I sometimes forget where I hid my "stash". There, it feels good to confess!!!

Linda :

I don't really hide anything except maybe some clothes I bought until I get around to telling my husband(not very godly I know but I always tell him when the time is right:) However, when I was growing up my mother hid sweddish fish. We all loved them especially the red ones. She would get a big bag from the candy section at Sears and let us have some and then hide the rest. I being the sweet lover that I am always found them.
Great question brought back memories for me.
I do put stuff in a safe place so I won't lose it and then I can never remember where I put it so I hope you remember where the tape is.:)

justabeachkat :

Yep, I hide my sugar free goodies. My husband has his own goodies, but for some reason, he wants some of mine. No fair. Mine...all mine!


KT :

This will probably make me sound like we have drinking problems, but I'll share anyway: years ago my husband and I discovered Smirnoff Ice. They tasted so good on a hot summer night after the kids were in bed! Hubby and I loved these drinks so much, I used to hide the last one and/or lie about it ever existing so I could enjoy it by myself on his volleyball night. I can't prove it, but I know hubby did some hiding too. We don't drink much these days. I have taken to hiding the last cookies, though, when I make a batch.

Amy D :

Tape, band-aids, pens, and ESPECIALLY the black permanent laundry markers. I have those hidden ALL OVER. I always forget where I hid them and can't use them when I need them, BUT it's like found treasure when I do!

Lynne :

Yep, I hide stuff. Usually food that I want for me, so that Dom and Shelby can't find it.

Qtpies7 :

Oh, I hide the chocolate! It is to save their lives that I need to eat it, but that doesn't keep them from sneaking it anyway. So I have to hide it. And the scissors. But it doesn't do me any good, they always find stuff. Always. I have absolutely NO idea where to even begin looking for tape at my house, I would truly just go buy a new roll rather than try to find some.

Nadine :

That's funny. I don't have to hide anything anymore...my kids are out of the house and on their own. Nothing disappears anymore...except when the come for visits...then I can't find anything when they leave.

Stephanie :

Scissors, tape and the salt and vinegar kettle chips. Otherwise we are late for whichever little school friend's birthday party we are trying to attend because we can't find the utensils required to wrap the gift. And the kettle chips? Just 'cause, those are mine! A girl's gotta have something sacred!

Steph :

OMG, I thought I was the only one that had to hide things! I hide pens, the ones that are my favorite and Red Vines(everyone would eat them and since I only want some now and then, into the hiding place they go!)

Kari :

I have really enjoyed reading this post and all of the comments...it's so true about hiding things and then "forgetting" where we hid them. Happens to me alot too. My biggest thing that I hide are the devil's food chocolate cookies (they are only like $1 a box at Dollar General, but since I don't buy them that often, I want them all for myself;o)

Annie :

Yep, I hide stuff too!
Gum, and the fan remote in our room so I can sneak and turn it off when Matt dozes off! (ssh don't tell!)

Ang baylis :

MMmmm What do I hide? Isn't it pathetic that I don't think I hide anything! I must! I just can't think of anything right now! If I did, I'd probably forget where I put them, too!

You are too funny!
Angie xoxo

Ang baylis :

Oh... I just thought about something ... I will put a note on whatever is "mine"! I know, crazy!!!!

Jamie :

I hide my black sharpie marker. Jason uses them for work and is always steeling them and when I need them, they are gone.

Trudi :

I hide Christmas gifts, or purchases dear hubby doesn't need to worry himself about and then I some times can't find them for months.
I hide finger nail clippers. I can't ever find a pair if I don't. I use to hide ice cream when my step son was living with us because I wouln't get any. Oh are dirty little secrets. LOL. Great question

Tres Poshe Preppy :

Thanks for stopping by! This is too funny, my mom had to hide those onions too. I could eat the whole can or canister(whatever they came in). I could still eat the entire can, love those things...

BethAnne :

Peanut M&Ms are never to be found by anyone but me!

snappy :

I hide the scissors or my daughters would give themselves haircuts playing beauty shop.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :


I had to hide all our juice boxes I bought for kindergarten snack time or else both my girls would get into them. :)

Sonya :

If I buy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Poptarts, you'd better believe I hide them! Can't tell you where though cause I'd have to wack ya! LOL!

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