A Little Slice of Heaven on Earth


Doug, Adam and I spent the long Labor Day weekend in Iowa visiting my family. Here's a sampling of some of things we loved:

1. Clear blue skies...emphasis on clear

2. Cooler temps...highs only in the 80's

3. Long stretches of flat highway with very little traffic and very courteous drivers

4. Spending time with Grandma Eva. Adam called her "Ma".

5. Uncle Jon, Uncle Brian, two Aunt Teresa's, cousins Erica, Eliott, Jen, Hillary, Kyle, Sam, and Meg

6. Pork burgers and brats on the grill with sides of homemade potato salad, coleslaw, cucumbers/onions and watermelon

7. Grandma Eva's 44 year old Maytag washing machine...still ticking

8. Plenty of parking spaces everywhere we went

9. Saturday afternoon at the orchard, and two pieces of homemade apple pie to go!

10. Two on-time flights and a toddler in a good mood

Who could ask for anything more? :o)


Tonja :

OH, LIFE IS GOOD, isn't it? So happy for you and your family. Sounds wonderful.

Jody :

So glad you had a safe trip and had such great weather for your visit! It was a postcard perfect weekend.

Angi :

OK, what a dream weekend! Perfect weather, lots of parking, a 44 year old washer (we got a new dryer LAST WEEK and it's already acting up!), and best of all ON TIME FLIGHTS! Can't beat that!

Amber Kay :

Just out of curiousity...where in Iowa are you from?
I've going down to Ankeny in a couple weeks to visit family!

Steph :

Sounds like a great trip!

An Iowa Mom :

I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit to Iowa. I am not from here ... but have been here for 10 years and totally and completely feel it to be HOME. I never want to leave.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe :

In deed~ who could ask for anything more?

Jamie :

Glad you had a great Labor Day weekend!!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Glad you are home safely!

Susan :

44 year old Maytag!!! Don't make them like that any more.

Susan :

What fun. I've never been there and would love to go see it.

Hugs to you,


Dianne :

Sounds like a great trip...can we all go next time?? :-)

justabeachkat :

Sounds perfect to me!


Nadine :

Sounds like a great time.

*carrie* :


Glad you had a wonderful time.

If you have a longer stay on the next visit, it would be so fun to have you join a gathering of Iowa bloggers--I really enjoyed meeting Leah (South Breeze Farm) last month!

Ang baylis :

Sounds great!!! ...especially the homemade apple pie to go! I must have a sweet tooth right now!

I can't think of asking for anything more, either!!! :)
Angie xoxo

Sue :

What a great weekend. No traffic and parking spaces? How nice. ;) It's been in the 80's here the past couple weeks and in the 50's at night - very nice.

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