Anatomy 101


Last week I took Adam to the doctor to get the last of the three vaccines he was supposed to get when he was 18 months old. Never mind that he is now 22 months old. Oh...and also never mind that I have no idea why he only got two of three shots at 18 months. I can barely remember my list when I go grocery shopping, let alone important things like shots and all that medical stuff.

Anyway... there's always the big Q&A session right off the bat.

How many glasses of juice does he drink per day?
No more than two (big fat lie).

Does he attempt to walk up stairs on his own?
Yes. (actually, he would prefer to play on the stairs all day long. And he's fallen down the stairs. But act like I didn't divulge that.)

Then, as the doctor prepared to look in Adam's ears, she asked him where they were and (of course!) he showed her. Not only did he point to his ears, he wiggled them. She thought that was cute.

Next...the eyes... and (of course!) he pointed to his eyes.

Oh! She was impressed. For good measure, she asked him where his nose was and he grabbed his nose and said, beet! beet!

And then, not to be outdone, he looked at her very seriously, pointed just below his neck, and said "colla-bone."

Next week we'll be studying the inner ear.


Momma Roar :

You'll need to vlog it when he starts singing "The knee bone's connected to the...thigh bone...."

Such a cutie!

justabeachkat :

Maybe you have a future doctor in the house?! Very cute!


melissa :

Very smart little boy! :)


*carrie* :


That is so funny!

Annie :

How smart is he!!!

My favorite pediatrician moment was when Emelia (3 year old well child check) was being examined. Her doctor was looking at her bottom and Emelia looked over at me and said the following, "mama, who is this woman and why is she looking at my bottom?" I had to catch myself from falling in the floor laughing, so did the doctor.

Knit-Wit :

Funny! I'm always late in getting my kids in for their shots - but I knew a nurse once who purposely took her kids in late because she felt the older they were the safer it was.

Jamie :

I think you have a doctor in the making!! HEHE It is good to impress the doctors!!

Nadine :

How cute. Don't you love it when they actually do the things you've taught them.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

So cute! My daughter's well visit is coming up. I am dreading the juice question!

Sue :

My computer is finally back up. :)

That is too cute. How impressed the doc must have been. She may have to bring him on as a medical assistant.

Love the pic of Adam and his little eHarmony friend.

Susan :

I knew he was a smartie!! We waved at you time you'll have to join us.

:-) Susan

Linda :

I was just asked that question about the juice the other day too. I believe I fudged a little myself. HaHa. Sounds like you have one smart cookie.

Dianne :

That is adorable! I just love kids!

Lyndy :

Jill, You certainly have a smart little boy there.

Such a cutie.

Hugs, Lyndy

Sonya :

LOL! Oh that kid has character!

Kari :

So cute! Don't you love some of the things kids say. I used to keep a journal of all the cute and funny things my little ones would say. Of course, that was with my first two kiddos. By the time #3 and #4 arrived, I got lazy and didn't write in it much. Now I really regret it.

Beaufort Belle :

Hi Miss Jill...I just left you an award. If you will hop on over to the Beaufort Lookout and pick it up!

Vader's Mom :

You have the smartest kiddo!! You must be so proud.

Virginia (Jenny) :

I'm never good at getting the kids their shots on time. I have to work on that!

Happy Homemaker :

Oh so cute!

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