e-Harmony 2.0


Last weekend we had a couple over for dinner that also met on e-Harmony. We met them in L.A. when we were filming the commercial, and found they lived only about 20 minutes from us. Their daughter is 7 months older than Adam.

We enjoyed our little e-Harmony reunion!


Annie :

Oh my goodness Jill, that's the cutest pic I have seen all day!

Dianne :

Now that is just a cool thing all the way around!

Abbie :

That is so cute!
Considering eharmony my self. Just too scared to!
I'll let you know if I sit it out or dance.

kdwhorses :

Too cute! HOw great you all got to meet and fellowship!

*carrie* :


What a sweet photo! And possibly a future match? Just kidding!

Steph :

How cute!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Now wouldn't it be funny if they grew up and fell in love...

Tammy :

Oh, that is wonderful!!!
(And hmmm...looks like there might be another eharmony second generation in the making there!) :)

Happy Working Mom :

How adorable!!! It looks like those little ones won't need e-Harmony...they've already met their match!


Shawna :

How sweet is that!

Knit-Wit :

Too cute! Maybe e-harmony will reach into the next generation. :-)

Paige's Petals :

Jill, thanks for stopping by. My Silpada party is this coming Sunday. Will let you know how it goes. Have you seen the new catalog? Love that stuff!

Sandy :

Fun story too!

justabeachkat :

Very sweet photo. I bet it was fun getting to see that couple again.


Sonya :

How sweet! Maybe when they grow up, they'll meet on e-Harmony again and make their own commercial! LOL!

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