I have a little confession.

I'm not much into Halloween.

I don't dislike it, really. I just don't like it. I never even liked it as a kid. I have no particular reason why. I wasn't scared out of my wits by the neighborhood bully in a vampire mask. I didn't get an apple with a needle in it in my trick-or-treat bag (though one of my friends did).

I dreaded trying to put a costume together growing up. Even though I seemed enthusiastic the day the plastic masks - with the strings that always broke - arrived at the dime store, I really could have cared less. One year I bought a Raggedy Ann mask, one year a ghost, one year a princess. But most of the time I was a witch. It just seemed the easiest thing to do. **sigh**

I've never understood what Halloween is supposed to celebrate. I mean, Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ. Thanksgiving celebrates and Pilgims and the Indians. Valentine's Day celebrates the big pockets of Hallmark. But what about Halloween? What's up with walking around in the dark knocking on people's doors and yelling for candy?

And that's another thing. I don't like handing out candy. The first Halloween in our neighborhood I thought I'd be the consumate Halloween hander-outer and lowered the bowl of candy so the precious little ones could choose. One snotty little Princess grabbed herself a whole handful and ran off without even saying thank you. That was the end of that. The next year I plunked one piece in every one's bag. And don't even get me started on 14-year olds who come to the door with no costume.

Now then.

I am well aware Adam may some day take great delight in Halloween. And I will suck it up, put on a happy face, and put my whole heart into costumes and candy, because I'm a good mama like that.

Until then, I am here to tell you...

My trick on Halloween is getting the heck out of dodge.

My treat: a plate of tacos and a large margarita.

Boo-humbug, y'all.


Amber Kay :

I'm all about Halloween...I think of it as a big dress-up party!
Candy is candy, but seeing everyone's neat costumes, now that's fun!

Steph :

That sounds like a great idea!
I really can't stand it when the doorbell rings, I answer it and the kids just stand there with open bags. And I'm not talking little ones that can't talk! I always say "Can I help you?" For goodness sakes I at least want to hear a Trick or treat!

Knit-Wit :

I'm not a big fan of Halloween either. Freezing my butt off while the kids trick or treat is not my idea of fun.

What we have been doing, though, over the past couple of years is having a Reformation Day party. Oct 31 is when Martin Luther tacked his note on the church door telling the church to "stick it" (more or less). So we celebrate our Freedom in Christ - eat German food - play pin the tale of the church door - you know... it's been lots of fun.

Angi :

I've never been into Halloween either - and it's my birthday!
With my kids we treat it as a dress-up day, and yeah, they get to go out and see others dressed up and run around and ring door bells. They have no clue about anything sinister being associated with the day

Lynne :

I didn't turn my light on last year and I'm not going to do it this year. I'm fed up with the kids that complain about what they're given and ask for something different instead. And the older kids with no costumes, just a pillow case - I'm with you on that one!

Lyndy :

Girlfriend I coould have written this myself. I agree with everything you said. Oh how I hated those plastic masks.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Lyndy

Susan :

You crack me up! I love the fun that it elicits here in our area. Everyone sits outside. Kids walk the neighborhood and people hand out candy. I know there are people who don't like I totally support your visit to go find tacos and margaritas that night.

:-) Susan

Tonja :

I agree with you totally. I do not turn my lights on and do not answer the doorbell if it rings. It infuriates me for the older kids to come and ask for candy...not even in a costume. And the ones who do not even say thank-you...We have a party at our church that night and the kids dress as Bible characters or ball players. We do trunk or treat and truck or treat. Some of the parents around here even drive their kids from one neighborhood to the next...they go all over town. I'm glad when it is over. I'm so tired of seeing gruesome things in all the store displays.

justabeachkat :

I enjoyed it when my kids were little but not so much any more. For all the reasons you mentioned and more.

Boo-humbug is right.


Paige's Petals :

I had my Silpada party Sunday and I was amazed...I received $906.00 worth of free jewelry...Yes I am telling the truth! Everything is beautiful and hard to choose. Hope your party goes well.


jeanetta :

hmmm candy....or margaritas?
i do love costumes..... but margaritas...hmmmm?
such a hard choice. :P

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ :

When we were kids Halloween was a fun time.'s scary. I feel for parents with little ones, who can you trust?
Truthfully, we don't always turn on the porch lights!

Given Grace :

Im with you about Halloween for all the same reasons. We've always told our kids if its about the candy, we'll buy a couple bags for them and then we spend the day at church at our Fall Fest!

My son in college just called the other day asking if I was going to get him a bag of candy! I thought it was cute...and of course I will send candy

Nadine :

I'm not a big fan either. I never took my kids out. We did something else that was fun - took them to McDonalds and a movie. My kids never felt deprived, even though our families thought we were aweful. I also got them a bag of their favorite candies just for them. I always knew that it was safe that way.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality :

I'm with you, Jill! Don't care for it either. I went to a few costume parties over the years, but Halloween does nothing for me either. I'd just as soon skip it completely. I did go out as a kid & it was fun cause I loved getting all that candy. Most of the last few years, I have purposefully stayed away from the house until well after dark & the little creatures are back home in their beds. I really don't like the older ones much either. Sounds like it's the same everywhere!


Tickled Pink And Green :

I miss the days when Halloween was a neighborhood thing. Now kids are practically bused in from other neighborhoods. We don't know who they are and sometimes it's past 9:00 which I do NOT like (especially if it's a school night). And I'm with you, don't EVEN get me started on those waaaaay too old kids who aren't in costume. I'm thinking about posting a sign this year "No costume? No candy" sign on the door!

kdwhorses :

I do not get into the whole Halloween thing either. Savannah has never been trick or treating. She is not one bit deprived. We did the fall carnival at school today and she had fun. We will go to the fall festival at church on Wednesday, but that will be it. She has dressed up as a horse the past 3 years. She does not like all the devil things as she calls them. Eat some for me!

Sue :

You're so funny. I have to agree on the kids though. I've even been known to say a loud "YOU'RE WELCOME" as they're walking away. Nothing aggravates me more! But I'm a sucker for those cute little ones all decked out in costume. :)

Kayla's scared of anyone in costume and any moving decoration and Alysa can't get enough of those noisy, moving things. Should be an interesting evening!


Abbie :

Jill, I'm relieved that this year, my son told me he's not into that stuff anymore.
My mother-bless her heart, calls it the day of the devil lol, so as a child we never really celebrated it. I just felt the pressure after becoming a mother, since I didn't want my kid not to have fun.
Now that he "claims" he's not into that stuff anymore (that still remains to be seen, he's wishywashy like that) I'll be handing out candy this year instead of trick or treating.

Shawna :

I've always liked dressing up. And growing up in a small town, most of the trick-or-treaters to come by were relatives or kids from church, so everyone was very appreciative. Snotty kids would bother me , too. We live in a suburb now, but we leave and go to my parent's home or the in-laws to trick-or-treat. We've never handed out candy here, and I'd bet it would be chaos with the number of kids who live around here.

Cheryl Wray :

I LOVE Halloween! in fact, my blog todayis full of pictures of us all dressed up!

But...I will so also take the plate of tacos and a margarita please!!!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

Tacos(and any type of Mexican food for that matter) and margaritas are MY kind of treat, too!

Happy Halloween! Hope you got the heck out of Doge. I must somehow mommy Mgyver a "snow princess" costume by 5 p.m.! ;)

Leah in Iowa :

I guess that's one good thing about living on a highway in the middle of nowhere - no one comes to my door trick-or-treating! =) I buy each of my girls a bag of candy and we call it good. I am SUCH a good mother!!

Leah in Iowa :

So what did you end up doing last night? Curious minds want to know!

Oh, and happy birthday month! =)

Sonya :

I'm right there with ya! We always go out to eat. This year we went to Chili's but I tell ya....I would have loved to have an order of onion rings from the Varsity!

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