Driving Adam


Over the past few weeks, my sweet and loving 22-month old has gotten progressively more independent and bossy. He misbehaves a lot. His favorite word is "No!" His favorite phrase is "No, Ma'am!" He points and jabs his finger in the air a lot. He throws things and cries when he doesn't get his way. He has tempter tantrums, but those have never phased me in the least. No matter where he throws himself, I just turn and walk away. Now he's on to me. As I keep walking away, he keeps following me and throwing himself down. I always end up winning. All I have to do is walk. He has all that dropping to the floor and drama. That will wear a little guy out.

I know he's just being an "almost" two-year old. This, too, shall pass. Bayley, our wise and wonderful eight-year old, told me this weekend the Terrible Twos are followed by the Terrible-er Threes and the Frightful Fours. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Fantastic Fives!

One very big point of contention with Adam is riding in the car. He's never really liked it. When he was in the carrier (facing backwards) at least I could prop up a bottle and keep him content most of the time. But now that he's in the big boy car seat, any trip over three miles is sure to include whining.

However, when I pick him up at daycare, he's all about getting in the car. He loves to walk to the car and carry his own backpack. He wants to open the door and get in by himself. I help, but he doesn't see my hand opening, pushing and lifting.

Ad-ma do it! he demands. He even wants to buckle himself in.

The other day, after he was buckled, I leaned inside the back car door to give him a few kisses. ( I can hardly contain myself after we've been apart all day!)

He pushed my face away.
No, Mama! No kiss Ad-ma! Just DRIVE!

And the orders don't stop there. He knows where to turn to get home.
Turn! Biss way, Mama. Biss way.

Just what I need. A short, 22-pound backseat driver that can't even dress himself or do his own laundry.

Maybe now that he's yelling orders from the backseat, he'll forget about the whining.


kdwhorses :

Oh girl, you are cracking me up! Been there done that!! Just what you need another backseat driver!! For me the three's were the hardest. She was getting so independent and the word "no" and "Why" will appear. Joy! All I can say is stand your ground, this to will pass, eventually! I still keep a box in the truck for Savannah. That has colors, book, snacks, etc. The box is only used in the truck, so at least the toys, things will be new and not old hat. As she got older we played I spy to pass the time and keep her mind going on other things. Try music and sing or make up your own silly songs. At this point, she still likes for me to sing, I am sure it will change. As my 15 1/2 year old, mom pleaaaase quit!! Anyway, just remember this will pass!

Mike :

My 2-year old does something similar, especially when he screams.

"Can you stop screaming?" I ask.

He looks at me and says, "Almost."

He learned that from my 4-year old.



Lori :

What a funny post - I love this because it reminds me so much of my boy. And he still continues to tell me which way to go.

This (whining) too shall pass!

Sue :

That is just hysterical. Gosh - he and Alysa are so much alike. All I hear (can't miss it when she's screaming it at the top of her lungs) "I DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I also hear a lot of "Give that to me right now!" (mostly to Kayla) or "Kayla, get in time out right NOW!".

She too wants to buckle her own seat belt in the car - of course she can't and it's a huge nightmare when I take over for her.

But they do make you laugh. :)

Cheryl :

That is so funny. He just might be the future president of the US. If he is outspoken and knows what he wants (which it sounds like he does). There may be no stopping for him. Good luck with him and have fun. Write all of this down in a journal and he will really have fun reading it when he is older. I have kept a journal for a long time and sometimes I will read it to my 16 and 18 year olds and they love it. Thanks for your post. God Bless!

Sonya :

Oh I could just pinch his little cheeks! How stinkin' adorable! I can see the little guy now walking to the car with his big boy backpack!

Maybe next year when we're in Atlanta, we can meet up with you. We stayed pretty busy this past weekend but did swing into Varsity before heading home. Whoa mama! Those onion rings were the bomb! We had two orders!

Knit-Wit :

Cute post! Ahhhh.... the terrible twos. We never thought they were as bad as the terrible threes. The fours were good to us though. :-)

jeanetta :

my mantra would be
"find a happy place, find a happy place" either than or "where is my ipod, where is my ipod"

melissa :

I am laughing so hard at this post :)too cute. And yes, this too shall pass - don't I know it (x's 3 boys!!)


Susan :

That is so funny!! I know that age can be downright frustrating, but also very memorable. It passes...especially if you keep ignoring it.


:-) Susan

Merrie :

Great! I am laughing b/c I know the other side of it. All my kids are grown and productive citizens (even though at times I wondered if they would be!)
I started claiming TERRIFIC threes... all 4 of the kids were wonderful once they reached 3!
It does all pass - too quickly! Then you miss them when they move out and have a life of their own.
Oh... I grew up in Atlanta... now live in Oklahoma. It's a great place!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe :

Before you know it... you will be sharing that car. They grow up too fast!

justabeachkat :


Very cute post. It brought back lots of memories for me. I think my very favorite age was 4. They are so cute and want so badly to please you. Enjoy every single day...the good, bad and ugly...they pass by waaaay to fast.


Given Grace :

Love this post...your Adam sounds adorable! My grandson is 20 months and he has an absolute fit if we try to help him buckle his car seat. Its cute some days...but when were in a hurry...not so cute!

Thanks for the great story!

Tammy :

Oh, this was so funny...and I would say fun to read, but that would be kinda' mean, since you're right there in it. ;) My youngest is in the fabulous fives...and for the most part, it truly is!
But we've been there...with both girls...so you're right, this too will pass.

That line about no kisses- just drive...priceless, Jill! :)

It reminded me of when my youngest was three. She didn't tell me to just drive, but anytime I veered too much or did the slightest thing she deemed improper driving, she'd spout, in a sing-song way,
"I told you to be careful..." :)

Linda :

How cute is he??? I would have to agree with your 8 yr old. 3 has always been a much harder age for each of my three boys. It is good that you don't give in to the tantrums it is so hard not to.
Have a great day.

Sandy :

Absolutely hysterical!Awesome that you are able to walk away too.
Hope you are having a great week.

Nadine :

That is too funny. That is something else he knows the way home.

Corrie :

That is so funny! Isn't it amazing just how much spunk and boss can be tied up into such a little body?
What a cutie!

*carrie* :

Our son hates riding in the car. He's 10 months now, but has been like this all along. As you said, if we're in the car more than 5 minutes, he whines. He can't boss yet, but he certainly lets us know when he's not happy--and does so very loudly!

Jamie :

I am sorry, that was funny! You got yourself quite the little boy!

Abbie :

lol cute story, if only my sister and her DH would LEARN to walk away, they wouldn't have a demon child on their hands now.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! :

This is one first visit to your blog. I will come by often. If I may I would like to add you to my favorities.Such a good postabout your sweet child. I kept crayons,coloring books and picture books for my childrenand now I am doing it for my Grandchildren. Enjoy these day for they pass all to quickly. Have afun weekend. LOL Mary

Bella :

LOL...having been there I can so relate. DS1 never liked the car.

Shawna :

Scamp has gotten a lot more demanding. And she prefers her Daddy over me. "Get back, Mama!" or Stop it, Mama," when I try to give her kisses when Daddy's around.

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