And The World Keeps Spinning


"The cancer has returned", the doctor said as he held her hand.
"You've got six months at the most, we've done everything we can."
Her world fell down around her, her life closing in so fast.
And as she drove back to her house she watched the world go past.

A mother strolls her baby, a
man honks and speeds away.
Two friends are meeting for some lunch, the neighbors arrive to play.
A little boy learns to tie his shoe, his daddy is so proud.
A concert playing in the park has really drawn a crowd.

"There's been an accident on Highway 9, a drunk driver crossed the line.
Your son, he did not make it, ma'am, the wrong place at the wrong time."
Her little boy now home with God, her heart in pieces small.
While the world spins on around her, knowing not her pain at all.

A load of laundry is now clean, a lawn is clipped and trimmed and mowed.
A mommy passes out snacks and juice while driving down the road.
Grocery shopping, mail to send, a Diet Coke to go,
Red Cherry Blossom polish is painted on ten toes.

It's hard to know who's hurting when the world spins by so fast.
While we're finishing the last round of golf, a fire truck speeds on past.
As we go to meetings, check the news, or mumble about our boss.
Someone we do not even know has suffered a terrible loss.

So while your world is spinning, things are great and things are fine
Remember your brother and sister, grieving at this very time.
While you ponder what to wear, what to watch, or what to eat
Someone else needs a boost, to get back on their feet.

God has a plan for all of us, a place for us to be
Each day is given with His grace, He died for you and me.
Today we may not suffer, tomorrow still the same,
But one day tears will fill our eyes, we'll feel sorrow, grief and pain.

Really when the truth be told, our lives are little bubbles
We wear blinders to the larger world and all its many troubles.
But God is there to watch, all creatures great and small.
God, thank you for Your loving hands, that catch us when we fall.

~copyright Jill Norwood, 2007


Momma Roar :

What an awesome piece of writing Jill!

"God, thank you for Your loving hands, that catch us when we fall."

I'm taking this with me and holding on tightly! Thank you!

jeanetta :

how wonderful. you are such a blessing for writting this.

Tonja :

Such truth! What a beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. this is something we all need to remember!

Knit-Wit :

Thank you for sharing!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

Wow! That is truly wonderful!

Leah in Iowa :

I didn't know you were a poet! This is fabulous! What a great reminder that as we each live in our own little "bubbles", life, and lots of terrible stuff, is going on all around us. Thanks for reminding me to keep my eyes open to the needs of others!

Susan :

That's amazing, Jill! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with the rest of us. You are a blessing.

:-) Susan

Susan :

You have said this so well, Jill. Thank you!!!

Dianne :

Wow Jill...that is a fabulous poem. Hope you don't mind that I'm going to link back over to it from my blog. Thanks for sharing really is VERY good!

justabeachkat :

Wow Jill....beautifully written. So true!


Nadine :

That was so beautifully written. Lovely job Jill.

Just Mom :

wow. this was awesome.

Happy Working Mom :

Absolutely beautiful! And so very important for us to remember each day...take care of those around us because you never know when you might need a hand to hold.

*carrie* :


Thanks for sharing this poem and perspective--a good reminder for us all!

Lynne :

That's beautiful Jill. Strong thoughts to keep in mind.

Carrie :

Great post!
God bless :)

Melene :

Thank you for sharing this.

Karen :

I came over via Dianne's recommendation. What a timely and amazing piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing it. At this point my BIL's 34 year old sister is dying of cancer, she is currently in a coma, it is a matter of time. How to help them we have pondered - and life races by. I really felt it was a God thing that I read this poem today. Thank you, what a gift you have.

tulips4me :

Wow, I really needed this today.


Sandy :

Jill, I haven't been over to visit you in a while. This poem touched my heart. Great work, girl! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

Vader's Mom :

wow. That's beautifully written. And a much needed reminder.

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