My Heart Melted


We're teaching Adam to ask for things by saying
"May I please have _________?"

We have to remind him constantly about asking for something politely - that's what this age is all about, afterall.

Most of the time he manages to get out "May peez have ________?"

One night a few weeks ago shortly after he moved into his big boy bed and could get up on his own during the night, I heard the shuffle of his little footsteps coming down the hall to our room.

Soon, there he was, at my beside.

And his sweet little voice in the night: "Mama, may have hold you?"

And my heart melted right then and there.


Annie :

Mine too, what a sweetie!

Beth :

Like when my 3 year old says, "Mommy, you are my best fwiend..."


The 5 Bickies :

I'm a sweet!

Kari :

Awww! Of course your heart melted. That is so sweet!

Dianne :

My nieces used to say things like that to me too and I would immediately turn into mush...time just passes so quickly. You've got a sweet little boy there...enjoy every moment!

Bronie :

what a darling! who could say no to that request?

justabeachkat :

So sweet! And I'm sure he got held too. Those special times are wonderful. Love that snuggling time.


Corrie :

He is SO sweet. What a cute story!

Also, I really liked your poem. What wonderful truth...I am challenged to think beyond my little world. Thanks for sharing. It was wonderful!

Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed weekend, Jill!

Nadine :

That melted mine too. How precious is that.

Susan :

Oh my heart melts too!!!! Hold him tight!!

Susan :

Oh my word that is SO SWEET! Adam is such a sweetie and it's so neat that you're enjoying every moment with him.



Knit-Wit :

I love that age!

Shawna :

How precious is that!

Tammy :

Oh, mine would have too...what a little sweetheart he is!

And I just read your poem, Jill...that is incredible, and I was in tears.

So incredibly profound and it truly touched me.

Melissa @ Breath of Life :

How precious!

And you're right about the Josh Groban's great! My other favorite is an old Point of Grace one. I can't remember the title, but it's got a black & white cover. If you see it, pick it up. It's really good.

Abbie :

whao, these precious moments to treasure. Too cute.

Melissa in Mel's World :

Oh my gosh....I am a big puddle sitting here at my laptop now. My boys are 11 and 13 and there isn't anything that I wouldn't give away to have that moment back...treasure it, it is a blessing!!!


Bonnie :

Hi Jill,
I came over from Karolee's blog after reading your husband's birthday tribute to you ! Had to comment when I read this post ... what a sweet little boy you have !

Jamie :

Oh, that is sooo sweet!! My heart just melted!!

Sue :

Oh that got me all teary. How precious!

It may take a lot of reminding, but it's actually so easy to teach them manners. I find it odd how so many people are always so surprised at mine saying please and thank you on their own.

It's those moments I wish we could store in a bottle...

julie :

What a sweet little boy. You are truly Blessed.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

That is too too sweet. It's moments like those that you just want to hold on to forever!

Sonya :

He is such a gorgeous boy!

Tickled Pink And Green :

From one Jill to another....

Can I adopt that sweet little boy? That made my heart melt too! Remember & retell that story at his rehearsal dinner. ;-)

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