Halloween Re-Cap


Since I wrote last week about not liking Halloween, a few of you emailed me asking about what, exactly, we did on Halloween. Did we get the heck out of Dodge like I'd hoped?

Yes, as a matter of fact we did.

I left work early because Halloween is typically one of the worst afternoon commutes of the year. My commute wasn't too bad, so I arrived home earlier than I thought, as did Doug. That gave us time to change out of work clothes and gather our wits before picking Adam up from daycare.

By then it was about 5:30 so we got the boy and headed directly for the nearest Mexican restaurant and a couple of tall, frozen margaritas.

In no time at all we'd gotten our meal and settled Adam in a booster seat next to me with some rice, chips and cheese dip. I won't go into the details of the near meltdown he had when we tried to sit him in a high chair. I almost offered him a big swig of my margarita just to calm him down.

Just as I was beginning to thoroughly enjoy my tacos, Adam started his dinner time drama. The child just will not eat. Even when cheese dip is involved.

He spent the rest of the meal trying to stand up in the booster seat, spilling food on me, and yelling, No, Mama! No, Daddy! while jabbing his finger in the air like a little dictator. Needless to say, we wrapped up dinner pretty quickly. I didn't finish all my tacos, but you can be sure I didn't leave a drop of my margarita behind.

It was too early to go home. "They'll still be trick-or-treating", we said. So, we headed to Publix to get groceries for the weekend. While I shopped, Doug took Adam to see the BIG! DIDDER! (digger) sitting in a nearby parking lot.

I had nearly 30 minutes of pure, uninterrupted bliss amidst the produce and frozen foods.

By the time we pulled into our neighborhood Adam was on his third or fourth tantrum of the night for reasons I have long forgotten. I told you that I just walk away when he starts in. But we didn't think leaving him in the Publix parking lot alone with the BIG! DIDDER! would be the right thing to do.

All screaming ceased when he spied all the little ghosts and goblins still out perusing for treats. We passed the house that sets up a cotton candy machine in their yard. It's a virtual black and orange suburban carnival.


The next day when I picked Adam up at daycare after work, Avery, the little 4-year old neighbor girl yelled to me from the playground like she does every day.

Hey, Adam's mommy. You didn't have any candy for me last night.

Sorry. We weren't home.

I asked my mommy why you didn't have any candy. She said your house was dark.

We weren't home.

I was so sad. I didn't know why you weren't there.

Great. A guilt trip from a 4-year old delivered from atop the monkey bars.

I'm sure she'll never let me live it down.


justabeachkat :


We planned to go out to dinner that night just to be out of the house. But, with my head cold, I just didn't feel like getting out, so we bought a big bag of candy and George was put in charge of handing it out while I slept the afternoon and night away. We only had one child. Yep, one. And that was someone we know. They were having a big treat or treat parade, etc. at Baytowne Village and I guess that's where everyone went. Nice!


Nadine :

Jill you kill me. I know you had the time of it with a child yelling and fussy, but you can laugh about and make others feel like we were next to you. The 4 year old...that just too funny she would say that to you.

We didn't go anywhere, but kept the house dark and stayed in our room.

Lynne :

We went out for dinner too. The kids in our neighborhood started early - before 6:00. When we got home, we kept the light off.

I've heard that 4 is like the Terrible 2's doubled! Odd years are supposed to be the good years.

jeanetta :

ooo i forgot thanks for the magazine too. :)

jeanetta :

i wish you could get margaritas to go.

Leah in Iowa :

I'm glad it was a somewhat enjoyable evening for you then! I imagine Publix was dead during that time - a smart move to go get some groceries!

My guys were in the field, and my girls were in town at Grandma's, helping her pass out goodies. I stayed home and watched Anna Karenina (1935). What a tragic movie!

Ten days and counting....

Bella :

I am just glad to finally find another soul that doesn't like halloween! We don't do it and try to "be out" on that night. This year was a bit different but I still managed to avoid the worst of it.

Lyndy :

I didn't go out but my house was "dark" too. Fortunately, my den is in the back of the house so I had no little treaters at might house.

Oh and I agree with your poster Jeanetta, I too wish you wish you could get margaritas to go. LOL

Susan :

Out of the mouths of babes!!! Cotton Candy machine??? I think I'd have gotten out of there as well. I found myself a bit more annoyed than normal this year because there were a ton of older kids trickortreating. I hate that. I think there's a time when it needs to stop.

Well, at least it's only once a year, right!?!? And you had some good margaritas...one of my fav's!!


:-) Susan

Knit-Wit :

Our house was dark that night also - but we were hiding out in the basement. :-)

*carrie* :


I'm glad you were able to enjoy a frozen *treat* even if Adam was full of tricks!

Tammy :

Oh...you are hilarious, Jill!

I don't like Halloween either...except hubby and I have differing views on it, which makes it a little harder to avoid it completely. So we took them down the little street and back, and then off to a church Harvest party. I think harvest parties are just fine, but I have to say I would much rather have been sipping a margarita somewhere! LOL

And that last part did me in...the guilt trip from the 4 yr old on the monkey bars! :D

Sonya :

LOL! Gotta love those 4 year olds who have a way of making you feel like warmed up poo! I also loves that she calls you Adam's mommy! What a hoot!

I can't believe you couldn't bribe Adam with cheese dip. I mean, who can't be bought with that stuff? I know it would work if I had been in his place! I would have guzzled it from the bowl!

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