Even on a Bad Day....


Yesterday, Adam was bitten on the cheek by a playmate
and then came down with pink eye.

In the mommy world we have bad hair days.

In the toddler world they have bad face days.

That's why, in the mommy world we have toddlers

and in the toddler world they have mommies.


Tracey Kirksey :

Bless his heart! Hope tomorrow is a better day!

workinthatpreppy :

so sorry about his bad day...love your writing...

Lynne :

Poor baby! Hope he feels better soon!

*carrie* :

Poor little guy. Love that pic, though!

We had to take our son to the doctor yesterday--he has a rash on his face (impetigo--yuk!) and an ear infection. Hopefully, all will be cleared up before the holidays!

Just Mom :

Ouch! I hope he gets better soon.

Knit-Wit :

Poor little guy! I remember my oldest being bitten in the face at that age - not fun!

Melissa in Mel's World :

Poor baby...that totally stinks!

On another note, he is pretty stinkin' cute!


julie :

Oh ooch, we have had many a day like that.

Shawna :

Oh no! Hope he gets all better soon!

Given Grace :

He's such a cutie!!! Sorry to hear about his bad day. Im sure tomorrow will be better.

Tonja :

What a beautiful boy! As the mom of 3 boys, he will have many more...just call them 'battle scars'. As he gets older, he'll actually be proud of these boo-boos. Go figure...it's just a male thing...they all have it!

Momma Roar :

Poor guy! Hope he's feeling up to action by Sunday!!

I love this post!

Susan :

Oh how frustrating. I love your take on the whole thing, though. Hope he's feeling better today.


Nadine :

Oh the poor little guy. I hope he does better. Cute picture though.

Sandy :

What a sweet boy! CUTE post ~ not so cute that he got bitten!ouch.

Hope you have a wonderful new DAY!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe :

Only Mommy can kiss and make it better!
That is one precious bundle.

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