Things I've Learned on My Christmas Vacation...


* I find it hilarious to hear our two year old say, "I wuv my Pez."

* Our laundry gets together, has one heck of a party, and multiplies during the night.

* The PC version of Scrabble is addictive.

* I got to practice my You've Got To Be Kidding Me look when our eight year old asked if he could get on the computer mere minutes after he'd unwrapped a pile of new gifts.

* If I waited to buy it after Christmas because it would be on is sold out.

* If I paid full price for it because I was certain it would be sold out....there are plenty left.

* It is almost impossible for me to unwind and relax. If I'm not doing something, I am thinking about what I should be doing.

*I went to the office for 4 hours today.

* My passion for reading is still there. I've nearly finished a 400-pager!

* I'd like to slap the Suite Life right out of of Zac and Cody.

* I've grown to love the Robo Raptor. I think it could become my new pet. I wonder if I could teach him to do laundry?

* Laughter really is the best medicine.


Linda :

Love the list. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with every one.

Tonja :

Well, from the sound of the has been quite a holiday for you, my dear! And, I am pretty much in tune with all the things you listed. Except, I haven't left home since Christmas, but tomorrow, I'm going to check on some things I HOPE are still available. We'll see...

Annie :

I can empathize with almost all of those!

Nadine :

Great list. Games like Scrabble on the computer get to me too - I'm addicted.

The 5 Bickies :

Suite life is not so sweet around 9 year old requests "five star" whenever we stay in a hotel. Damn them for teaching him what that is! It was especially embarrassing when my mother presented us with a family vacation for Christmas. She was taking requests and he chimes in, "Five Star Anything"


justabeachkat :

Good list. I can identify with several, especially the one where you said "It is almost impossible for me to unwind and relax. If I'm not doing something, I am thinking about what I should be doing." That is SO me! I'm finally picking my books back up. I love to read and haven't in awhile. Blogging has sure cut into my reading time :-)


Melissa in Mel's World :

Oh my stars had me in stitches!!!

We left on vaction on Christmas day and brought the new Wii with us (major score) and some games. Don't you know that as much as we have played Wii as a family the kids have retreated into their litle world of computer games. (throw my hands in the air and just can't figure it out!)

I too have been antsy, but being that we are not home I can't clean my house, do the laundry, or catch up on projects. I can, however, read like there is NO tomorrow! (Finished 2 books) and pop online to check on my bloggy friends!

Praying your Christmas was blessed and your New Year is out of this World!


Melissa @ Breath of Life :

I'm thankful that our Christmas celebrations are spread out, which gives me time to relax in between. I'm diving back into some reading, too. Been blog-surfing to see what others are reading, and making my library list. Looking forward to a winter solstice.

Happy New Year!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe :

It sounds as though you had a full and fun holiday!
These are the sweet years~ y'all enjoy!

Sandy :

Great list. I LOVE scrabble and will have to look for that with my Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket!
Have a wonderful weekend and New Year!

Sandy :)

Becky K. :

Yep, you got it! I am there on almost everything...except I did not even attempt to hit after Christmas sales and I keep looking longingly at books I have started as I pass them by.

I enjoyed your list.

Becky K

Sheila :

I stopped by for your site..I have known about you through Kat..I will be back...I truly hope you enjoy your Holiday and I totally agree with the Laundry thing...never done...Have a wonderful restful week...

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I love your theory that whatever you bought you can now get on sale and whatever you waited on is gone! So true!

Tammy :

I can identify with most of this list...and oh, Jill...I almost fell off the chair just now laughing at your "Suite Life" statement...ROLF!!!
Just seeing the commercials is too much for me!

Hope your family had a wonderful Christmas, Jill!

kdwhorses :

Love the list! Never done Scrabble on the PC, maybe I need to try it out! Thanks for sharing!
God Bless!

Sandra :

Love this list Jill........LOL at the robo raptor doing laundry, that would be awesome LOL

Love Scrabble too ;)

Happy New Year :)

Dianne :

Cute list. I LOVE the "You've got to be kidding" funny...that one made me laugh out loud.

..but I also LOVE The Suite Life of Zack and Cody!

Hope you had a great Christmas.

Lynne :

My 11 year old granddaughter watches so much television, she considers Zach and Cody as friends. But I think Hannah Montana is counted as her best friend.

Love your list!

jeanetta :

amen to all of that!!
robo sapien is the newest member of our house and i have to admit that he does have some pretty catchy dance moves.
my tv nemeses have been jake and josh and icarley with a healthy serving of hannah montana sprinkled on top.
isnt time for school to start yet?

Leah in Iowa :

Catching up today...

Loved the photos of your home, all decked out for Christmas. Hope it was a fun and festive time for you, with lots of memories made together!

Loved your list, too. My girls DVR the Suite Life episodes, but just recently I switched it to record only the NEW ones. Sometimes those boys just get on my nerves!!! I think I'm going to ban all things Disney to the basement TV for awhile.

Hope your new year is full to the brim with good things!

~ Leah

Susan :

Great list, Jill. I'm always amazed at the things that draw their attention when they have a slew of new things to play with.

Hope you have a fantastic new year!

:-) Susan

Lynne :

Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

Sonya :

I agree! I can totally relate on the relaxing and unwinding! I do the same thing. It worries me to death to not be doing something!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) :

I got to practice my "you've got to be kidding" look quite a bit with my 5-year-old who is now carrying around the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog and wishing for things for her sixth birthday...IN JUNE!

I am thanking the good Lord above, though, that she doesn't watch the Suite Life of Zac and Cody.

Also, I am right there with you on the unwind and relax mode. It drives my husband nuts, but I have got to have something going on all the time. (Kind of like right now...blogging and working!) ;)

Happy New Year!

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