Two Glorious Years


big blue eyes 23 pounds football jellybeansrunnin' fast

"You go time OUT!" Curious George 33 inches "weed books" picky eater

blonde hair parts to the right mesmerized by the phone Winnie the Pooh

rock-rock Mama "peez have hold you"crocs backpack

kisses only if we cry first BIG Digder poor sleeper JUICE!

Elmo & Grover jumpin' on the bed prayers "all fall down"

swimmin' in the bathtub don't drink the water!

More Than I'd Ever Hoped For
Happy Birthday, Son


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special :

Good morning Jill, Wishing a special "Happy 2nd Birthday" to Adam.....He is so cute with his blond hair and blue eyes.Have a great day today.Hugs

Lynne :

Happy Birthday Adam! What a sweetie!

melissa :

Sooooo sweet. A big happy 2nd birthday to Adam!

Melissa in Mel's World :

How sweet is that!?!?!?

What a great idea! Happy Birthday to your little man!


Given Grace :

Happy Birthday to Adam...he is such a cutie!

Sandra :

Happy Birthday Adam :) He's adorable :)

Tonja :

Hapy Birthday, Adam! You are a beautiful boy! Have lots of fun being two. So much to find it all...OK?

Linda :

Happy Birthday! I hope Adam had a wonderful day. They sure grow up fast don't they?

Susan :

Happy happy birthday to your sweet little man! There's nothing like the bond between a Mama and her boy! Enjoy EVERY moment, for they are gone in the blink of an eye!

:-) Susan

Nadine :

Happy Birthday Adam! He's so adorable.

*carrie* :

What a nice tribute. Hope Adam had a wonderful b-day!

Dianne :

He is a DOLL!

Happy Working Mom :

How fun! Happy belated birthday to Adam!!!

Angi :


Sonya :

Happy Birthday to Adam! What a cute little man he is!

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