Conversation with the car repair place:

Me: Hello. I am wondering why the brake light in my car is still on after I spent
more than a good Coach bag costsseveral hundred dollars gettig the brakes fixed yesterday.

Car Man: I'm not sure since I have not personally seen your car. You'd have to bring it in.

Me: But I just had it in there yesterday.

Car Man: I realize that, but I can't help you without seeing your car.

Me: But the whole reason you fixed my brakes is because the brake light was on. So it's possible the brakes aren't fixed because the light is still on. Last time I brought my car in you charged me for an alignment and then told me my car was not able to be aligned because of a faulty tire. This time you charged me to fix my brakes but the light is still on.

Car Man: I'd be happy to take a look at that if you bring your car in.

Me: Realizing this is where obsecurity meets bad service meets no-win-situation. Let me just call you back another time
before I rip your ever lovin' head off and you wished you had a brake light of your own.

I also endured a bad chomp job on my bangs at the hairdresser last week.

I guess next time I need a haircut or my car serviced I'll just stand on a bridge and throw cash over the side.

But I'll only jump if everybody else is doing it.


Beth :

I left work today, and while driving down the interstate my "low tire pressure" light came on. I stopped, and my tire was splitting open. Afraid to drive it, and unable to change it myself, I called the dealer for advice:

Me: My low tire pressure light came on, and my tire appears to be coming apart. But, it isn't flat. Do you think it would be safe for a few more miles so I could make it there?

Service dept: I'd have to see it before I could judge that. If you could bring it in, I could look at it.

Me, to self: What? Did you just hear yourself? Are you an idiot?

Me, out loud: Um, that's why I'm calling. I don't think I can drive it in.

Service dept: So you need a tow?

Me: No. I don't need a tow for a flat tire. Thanks.

Service dept.: I don't blame you...

Are you kidding me?!

Jill, have a glass of wine for me, would ya? My nerves are shot...

Linda :

Typical but the last line your last line about the bridge was priceless and made me laugh.

2nd Cup of Coffee :

Oh the pain. But I most relate to the bang chomp pain. Which I have inflicted on myself many a time.

Nadine :

Oh my I can so relate. Once I took my car in for an oil change because the light was on. Afterwards it was still on. I hate when that happens.

I agree with Beth...have a nice glass of wine.

Melissa in Mel's World :


Oh my stars sister...sounds like you had a really stinky day! I can not (I mean I really can) believe the guy at the car shop...I bet he wouldn't have acted like that if hubby called. (Double standard!)

On another note...just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for the kids as they head back to school tomorrow. I hope your day goes better than mine did today...

All I have to say is..."The Bangles!"

Take Care,
Melissa in Mel's World

Knit-Wit :

Ugh! I think I'd like to go back to the days when we knew how to fix the cars ourselves! The computers they put in the cars make things so complicated! You are FORCED to take them to a mechanic! On second thought.... I think I'd just like to go back farther in time and get a horse and buggy.

Happy Working Mom :

Oh how very frustrating!

I hope you're able to get it fixed right without having to pay more money! And I hope your bangs grow back very quickly :)

Just Mom :


Not at you, mind you, but at how familiar this all sounds to me.

Sue :

I'm back from being MIA - my resolution is to get back into the swing of things. :)

That's too funny. Dealing with people can be so frustrating! And the worst part is they'll want to charge you AGAIN to look at it AGAIN!

How was Adam's birthday in December?

kdwhorses :

Oh my! Always great to have service people on the phone, they will make you want to lose your religion! But, I say call said repairman up and tell him they will be fixing it at no cost to you period. They think they can run over us women, well they are wrong!! Take a deep breath, eat a few chocolates and call him back! Thanks for sharing!

Susan :

Oh Jill...how very frustrating...and the new Coach purses are SO VERY CUTE! ;-) Seriously, I hope things work out and you're able to get it all fixed.



Tonja :

Ouch! Sound like the universe is conspiring against you. There's only one fix for that....go ahead and buy that new Coach purse and all will be well again! Trust me...I know these things...

Lisa @ Take90West :

What a bad day.
I hope the rest of the week is going better.
I'm having car issues as well right now and repair shops are such a pain!

Sandra :

LOL I'm sorry about your day. Your last line was hilarious though LOL

KT :

Very frustrating, but on the bright side at least it made for interesting blog talk, right? I hope you can get your brake light taken care of painlessly. Maybe the next time you call at the mechanic's someone helpful will answer. Sometimes it takes a few calls. Good luck, Katie

Angi :

My week, um, I mean month, oh, I mean quarter, has been going that way. I feel your pain.

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