Geography: 2-Year Old Style


A couple nights ago I heard my husband talking to Adam in the other room:

Doug: Where does Grandma Eva live?

Adam: Eye-wa (Iowa)

Doug: And where does Grandfather live?

Adam: Ok-homa (Oklahoma)

Doug: Where does Aunt Darlene live?

Adam: Teth-ath (Texas)

Doug: And where does Adam live?

Adam: Curious Georgia!


Tonja :

That is a gem! How cute!

Momma Roar :

So cute!! Isn't it great to record these things? I'm glad because I know I'm gonna forget most of what my kids say!! :-D

Have a great weekend Jill and fam!

Sasha :

I was posting the lyrics to Oklahoma, but got them all mixed up, such a shame considering where I live... just wanted you to know what the deleted comment was!

Melissa in Mel's World :

Please tell me you are writing all this stuff down in his special book (oh, guess what? are writing it down...HERE!)

I love that pic of you two that you just added!

Linda :

Funny, funny. I love to hear what other's kidos are saying they remind me of my sweet little ones and the sweet ways they pronounce things or the fun names they have for things that make no sense at all.

Sue :

Oh that's the funniest!!!

Just Mom :


What a cutie.

Tammy :

Adorable! (And it makes sense to me!) :)
Also, a belated Happy Anniversary...loved reading your post about your delayed anniversary dinner!

Nadine :

That's funny. He's so cute. I love the new pictures of you two.

Lynne :

That's cute!

Jane :

That is SO precious. Kids DO say the darndest things!

jeanetta :

oh that made burst with HA when i read it.

Susan :

Awwww...I love that. And who knows? Maybe he'll name a place just that someday!

:-) Susan

justabeachkat :

What a cute memory making moment. So glad you're writing these things down.


*carrie* :

Love that!

Enjoyed seeing the new pix.

Woman in the Tent :

Too Cute!

Happy Working Mom :

That's so adorable!

My daughter tells us that there's "North, South, West and Easton (a fabulous shopping area by us)" and it cracks us all up!

Sonya :

LOL! How funny!

Vonda :

Jill, I found your blog through Rhoda, a friend of mine from GA...what a precious family you have. I'm originally from Marietta, GA but now live in Germany with my Air Force husband and baby. How awesome that you wrote this down to keep! It's amazing how quickly we forget these precious things these children say. God Bless! Vonda

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