I Wanna Be Like My Mic(rowave)


How is it that my dishwasher automatically knows when to engage "scour" mode, my microwave automatically knows what size popcorn bag is popping, and my computer knows so much it has me baffled daily? .....

...While I can't remember my grocery list, can't find my car keys, Adam's hat, an umbrella or a clean sippy cup?

Maybe I need to check into Microsoft University or Kenmore Center for Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery.

These appliances are killing me.


Sandy :

Hi Jill - wow, so true. Really funny - made me think of all the things we could use some automatic help with - I'd like a chip to automatically know where/what my kids are up to! ha ha.
Happy Saturday.

Tonja :

The one that just annoys me is my electric blanket. It turns off when it senses I am warm enough. Now, how exactly does it do that? And you know what? It gets it WRONG sometimes, too!

Pam :

What a cute blog! I enjoyed my visit immensely.

Judi :

You are so funny! So true. :)

Robin :

Cute, Jill...I sooo wish I could be re-wired to do things faster and better.

S i g h ...;)

kdwhorses :

I would like to be able to remember things-I have to write everything down. So sad, but true!

Tammy :

Very cute! :)
Except that my dishwasher is not to be relied upon at all...um, nor is my dryer. In fact, lately most of our appliances are rebelling...but glad I can say it's them and not my kids! :)

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows :

I am right there with you!

Are the pics in your sidebar new? They are GREAT! If they have been there for 3 months, forgive me. Refer back to my first statement about being right there with you!

Lynne :

I not only forget where I put things, I also forget why I wanted them in the first place. Getting old sucks!

Love the pictures of your family in the sidebar.

Melissa in Mel's World :

Seriously...how DOES the microwave know what size bag your popcorn bag is???

Nadine :

Very funny but true. I'll like an automatic weight loss chip.

Angi :

Amen! My Crock Pot cooks all day long and makes my dinner for me . . . .when I remember to plug it in!

Knit-Wit :

Yeah, but think of the life expectancies on these appliances. While you don't remember where you put your car keys, you will live long enough to find them. :-)

Kathleen Marie :

This is so cute. Once a friend told me that my appliances were my servants and to make sure I put them to work daily.

Now, where is that book I was reading? ☺

Susan :

It's all in those little microchips, isn't it??? I totally agree with you...so much to learn from the technology in our world---it's scary.



Praise and Coffee :

OH, I am right there with you!

I spend far too much time walking back into the room I was just in hoping to spark my memory as to why I had walked in the first room!

Very nice blog!

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